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Saturday, July 21, 2012

All Hail The Mail! (9)

All Hail The Mail will be posted weekly to showcase the books I've received for review! 

False Memory by Dan Krokos
This book just happened to fall into my lap! Elizabeth Norris's agent contacted me about my Unravelling review, recommended False Memory and managed to organise a copy to come my way since US publishers don't usually send INTL :)

Revamped by Ada Adams
This one's here for an Aussie book tour! I've heard only good things about it so I can't wait to get started. It's not pictured here but it came with a bunch of swag. I'll be pinching just one piece and then sending the whole lot on its merry way again ;)

Anna Dressed in Blood by Kendare Blake
I've got it. Finally. I know I'm super late to this series but I'VE GOT IT NOW. I'm expecting amazing things from this book. Excited!

No Such Thing As Forever by Ali Cronan
I love that this book has multiple main characters! I like seeing different relationships in the one book and others seem to be liking this one so I'm intrigued...

Speechless by Hannah Harrington
AH! Do I spot another fabulous contemporary? Yes! I haven't read Hannah's other books yet (but one day!) so I'm really looking forward to getting my first taste.

Blood Storm by Rhiannon Hart
Really enjoyed the first book so I'm looking forward to continuing the series! Wonder what the characters will get up to next...

Messy by Heather Cocks
This one sounds interesting! Fame and lies……since when do they go well together? ;)

Thanks to Janet & Dana, Ada, Hachette, Penguin, Harlequin, Random House and Allen & Unwin for the books!

What did you receive this week? :)

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