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Sunday, July 15, 2012

All Hail The Mail! (8)

All Hail The Mail will be posted weekly to showcase the books I've received for review!

Something Like Normal by Trish Doller
After finishing Pushing the Limits last night (LOVELOVELOVE), I think I'm beginning to really enjoy these tough contemporaries with "damaged" characters, who deal with a pile of nonsense at home! Looks like many people enjoyed this - looking forward to it :)
A Want So Wicked by Suzanne Young
I loved the first book of this series and can't wait to continue! I'm very curious about Elise and how she's connected to Charlotte.. Plus, I want to see how this love triangle pans out! It's a nice change since Charlotte was already in a relationship in the first book.

The Forsaken by Lisa M. Stasse
I'm dying. This book sounds too good to be true! Well, I guess I'm just obsessed with people fighting to survive LOL. And the cover is super badass. I've been reading reviews and am a little weary about this insta-love but...I hope I'm lucky and manage not to notice..?

Fire in the Sea by Myke Bartlett
Sadie sounds like me. In Perth and bored. But then the synopsis goes on to talk about a bunch of weird things and..ahem. I'll be giving this a pass.... I wonder who designed the cover? =S

Thanks to Allen & Unwin, Harper Collins, Hachette and Text for the review copies!

What did you receive this week?
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