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Monday, April 23, 2012

STORM BLOG TOUR: Chris/Becca/Hunter Interview & Giveaway

SEVERE WEATHER WARNING: 9 Bloggers, 9 Days, 1 Epic Storm

HELLO EVERYONE! Welcome to the first official stop of the epic Storm Blog Tour for Brigid Kemmerer's amazing debut. I LOVED this novel and you can read all about it in my review.

So just so you know what you're in for in this interview, Becca is the main character of Storm and her love interests are Chris and Hunter. Chris controls the element of water and...Hunter's a mystery ;) ENJOY! You'll get to meet everyone else very soon...

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Hi guys! Thanks for joining me today! Chris, it's a pleasure seeing you again *wink* Did you give Gabriel my number? I hear he's been asking about me….

Chris: (Sighs.) He won’t shut up about you.
Becca: Or Brodie.
Hunter: (Rolls eyes.) Or pretty much any of the book bloggers he’s met on this tour.

Now might I remind you, we are in a completely violence-free zone and anything you say here today will stay IN THE ROOM. So boys, is there anything you'd like to get off your chests and say to each other right now before we get started?

Chris: If I can’t hit him, can I at least say that he’s a total--
Becca: Easy.
Hunter: No, no, let him finish. I can always hit him when we leave.
Becca: (Sighs) No one is hitting anyone.

There came a point where you resorted to physical violence against each other! Did that go against your moral compass or do you believe in violence when necessary? Was this one of those times upon reflection?

Chris: I have three older brothers. Physical violence is a daily occurrence.
Hunter: I don’t pick fights. But I can defend myself if necessary.

Becca, you obviously got more than you bargained for with these boys. Do you think it was all worth it or would you rather have stayed safe and oblivious to the Elemental world?

Becca: It was worth every minute.

How would you all describe your approach to relationships?

Becca: I’m pretty cautious now. I jumped in head-first with Drew, my first boyfriend, and I basically cracked my head on the bottom of the pool.
Hunter: I don’t do anything halfway.
Chris: Dude, you sound like a d-bag.
Hunter: At least I didn’t avoid the question.

Someone is romantically interested in you. How would they catch your attention? What do you look for in a partner?

Becca: Right now, I’m getting enough negative attention. So just being nice would be a good start.
Chris: I like a girl who can stand up for herself.
Hunter: Yeah. (A pause.) Me too.
Becca: Did you guys just agree on something?


I want people to remember me as being………
Becca: Strong
Chris: Am I going somewhere?
Hunter: *shrug* People can remember me or not.

My name is in the dictionary under the word………
Becca: Complicated.
Chris: I’m pretty sure “Chris” is actually in the dictionary.
Hunter: So is Hunter.

I'm fighting in a large broom closet and my choice of weapon is………
Chris: Is there water?
Becca: Why am I fighting in a large broom closet?
Hunter: My hands.

I can't live without………
Chris: I would say “my brothers” but they might be reading this.
Becca: I would say “my mom” even if she were reading this.
Hunter: Take away everything. I’d do all right on my own.

My one wish is………
Chris: To be able to live without getting hassled.
Becca: Ditto.
Hunter: I have a lot of wishes.

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Brigid's characters always banter back and's awesome. Brodie and I did an interview with ALL FOUR HOT BROTHERS in February and well....yes. Gabriel's too hot for this room.

Here's the rest of the tour schedule!! There are some truly amazing exclusives here so be sure to keep an eye out every day ;)

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 There are 14 PRIZE PACKS up for grabs! Australian and International entrants welcome!! Check out the full awesome prize list HERE.

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