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Thursday, March 22, 2012

Revenants Week: Character Profile Reveal

If you haven't seen around the blogosphere yet, it's Revenants Week! This event was organised by Dea and Jayjay from Amy Plum's brand new fansite, Revenants Central, so be sure to head on over and show it some love! 

I'm part of the team that was recruited to share with you a character profile from the Die For Me series, all of which was Amy's doing! Want to know about the other characters and what Amy thinks they look like? Check out the past posts here! The next stop will be hosted by Bookworm Lisa and she'll be revealing Lucien's Profile. Keep an eye out for the other exclusive content & giveaways that are floating around! If you haven't started this series yet (WHY?), here's my review of the first book.

Name: Charles Aurelien Lorieux
Born: November 1, 1927 Paris
Died: February, 1942 Paris (Resistance) at age 15.
Hair: Golden-red.
Eyes: Green.
Other vitals: Pale skin - no freckles. 5'10”.
Defining characteristics: Sarcastic. Disillusioned.
Preferred weapon: Sword.
Back story: p. 187-188
Quote: “He has a good heart,” he continued softly. “Maybe too good of a heart. But this was the final straw for him. The only reason I can think of that Charles would go to Lucien is because he can't cope with our lifestyle any longer. He wants to die.” (DIE FOR ME)

So this is the Charles Amy envisioned while writing Die For Me. What do you think? Are you excited for Until I Die? It's released May 8th so you better pre-order it soon!

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