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Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Valentine's Blog Event: Ultimate Boyfriend Battle - FINAL ROUND

Mirror, Mirror on the wall...
Who is the best YA boyfriend of them all?

THIS IS IT! The final round in the Ultimate Boyfriend Battle! You all voted like crazy to support your favourite guy and we now have the honour of presenting to you the 3 YOU voted for as your most swoonworthy boy in YA. The losing guys bowed out gracefully (alright, so maybe there were a few punches thrown and we swear the salty scent of tears still lingers in the air), but they each fought heroically and still remain the sexiest in many of their fangirls' eyes!

But right now it's time to focus on three. Two boys with a paranormal edge, the third working in black ops. Each has their own different brand of sexy working in their favour and each has a fiercely loyal following. Only one will survive this battle. So the only question that needs asking is: Who do you think is the Ultimate YA Boyfriend?

International Prize Pack
Everneath + 1 set of bookmarks - Brodi Ashton
1 x readers choice from River of Time series by Lisa Bergren
1 set of bookmarks & 1 angel wing necklace - Aimee Agresti

US/Canada Prize Pack
Signed The Girl in the Steel Corset - Kady Cross
Dearly, Departed (signed & personalised) + other goodies - Lia Habel

UK (3 winners)
Immortal City ARC by Scott Speer

Australia Prize Pack 
HarlequinTEEN book of your choice from THIS LIST
Forgotten + heart shaped post-it notes - Cat Patrick
Fallen in Love - Lauren Kate
2 signed bookmarks - Veronica Rossi
Signed bookmark & bookplate - Kim Harrington

Australia & New Zealand Prize Pack
Hachette Date A Book Pack
The Gallagher Girls series - Ally Carter (all 5 books)
The Violet Eden Chapters - Jessica Shirvington (first 3 books)
A Witch in Winter - Ruth Warburton
Heaven - Christoph Marzi


Voting closes 11:59pm 29th February US EST (or 3:59pm 1st March AEST) 

May the best man win!

Full schedule of events can be found HERE.  

PLEASE NOTE: You are able to vote multiple times, however it appears the poll host, PollDaddy, issues a 'cooling off period' which blocks users after they've voted a certain amount of times. We are really sorry for this, but unfortunately there's nothing we can do about it! :(

But to clear up any doubts: none of the boys are gaining an unfair advantage because of this. Logan, Alex and Sam fans have said they've been blocked while repeat voting. The reason Logan and Alex are so fair ahead is likely because their supporters are larger in number. I've seen them rallying support from fellow fans on social networks and they are so amazingly dedicated! <3
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