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Thursday, February 9, 2012

Valentine’s Blog Event: Ultimate Boyfriend Battle - Round 1!

Mirror, Mirror on the wall...
Who’s the best YA boyfriend of them all?


We know we're cruel, cruel bloggers. How can we possibly make you choose one guy in a legion of YA Hotties?! It's the month of love, you say! Can't we take every hot fictional boy’s hand and share a harmonious polygamous marriage? Sorry ladies, but your dreams of Boy Unity are just not shared by our Hotties. Their pride is on the line here and they're determined to rage war on one another until only the swooniest guy remains. It's time to pledge your loyalties!

There will be 3 rounds. The first begins today, with 3 heats posted here and 3 heats on Brodie’s blog. The 3 sets of guys you see below will be DIFFERENT to those you’ll find at Brodie’s. So don’t forget to hop over to her blog once you’ve voted here, otherwise one of your favourite boys might miss out on progressing to the next round!

Round 1 polls will close February 17th and only the top 3 guys from each heat will progress to Round 2. After the Final Round (Top 3), only the sexiest, most desired boy of YA will stand triumphant in the end!

Vote wisely! Don't let you favourite guy get shafted in the first round! Not only will you help crown the Best YA Boyfriend of them all, but you can win some delicious prize packs if you vote!

International Prize Pack
Everneath + 1 set of bookmarks - Brodi Ashton
1 x reader's choice from River of Time series by Lisa T. Bergren
1 set of bookmarks & 1 angel wing necklace - Aimee Agresti

US/Canada Prize Pack
Signed The Girl in the Steel Corset - Kady Cross
Signed & personalised Dearly, Departed + other goodies - Lia Habel

UK (3 winners)
Immortal City ARC by Scott Speer

Australia Prize Pack 
HarlequinTEEN book of your choice from THIS LIST
Forgotten + heart shaped post-it notes - Cat Patrick
Fallen in Love - Lauren Kate
2 signed bookmarks - Veronica Rossi
Signed bookmark & bookplate - Kim Harrington

Australia & New Zealand Prize Pack
Hachette Date A Book Pack
The Gallagher Girls series - Ally Carter (all 5 books)
The Violet Eden Chapters - Jessica Shirvington (first 3 books)
A Witch in Winter - Ruth Warburton
Heaven - Christoph Marzi

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