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Monday, February 20, 2012

Valentine's Blog Event: Deleted Scene - Carrier of the Mark by Leigh Fallon

Carrier of the Mark was one of my favourite 2011 reads. How can you not love the romance?! So passionate and consuming.. *sighs* Adam DeRis can fly his butt over here to Australia right now. Why does Megan get to have him all to herself? Humph.

Below is a super cute taste of the two together... Just one of the epic sides of their relationship. You've got the teasing.....the sappy.... the steamy.... intense......serious.....and so much more.

The sequel will hopefully not be too far away! I need another dose of Megdam ASAP.

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Garretstown Beach

We walked the full length of the deserted beach while the bracing sea breeze whipped at our faces. Then we sought refuge from the wind in the sheltered dunes.  Adam snoozed while I luxuriated in my feelings of warm contentment, wishing time would slow down.

Eventually I glanced at my watch and pushed myself up onto my elbows. “I guess I should really go home.”

He opened one eye slowly, squinting in the evening sun. “I don’t feel like letting you go now.”

A smile crept across my face.  “So are you going to keep me captive then?”

“You know I just might.” His lips curled into a grin as he got onto his hands and knees and eyed me like a predator about to attack.

Playing along, I attempted to make a run for it.

“No you don’t.” He pounced on me, squeezing my waist and pinning me back against the sand.

My giggles made me powerless to resist him.

He crouched over me with his lips hovering just close enough to enjoy the warm caress of his breath on my face.  His laughter died in this throat as I strained upwards searching out the warm velvety softness of his kiss, but he released his grip.  He fanned out my hair around me, and sighed.

“I guess you’re right, I should get you home before I do something that will cause the earth to spontaneously combust.” He pushed himself back, pulling me with him.

“Yes, combustion would be bad.” I laughed, trying to cover my disappointment, and sound of my heart thumping wildly in my chest.

~ - ~ - ~ - ~ - ~ - ~ - ~ - ~ - ~ - ~ - ~ - ~ - ~ - ~ - ~ - ~ - ~ - ~ - ~ - ~ - ~ - ~ - ~ - ~ - ~ - ~

Didn't we love that? They're so sweet together! *melts into mush* This happens way too often.


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