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Sunday, February 19, 2012

Valentine's Blog Event: Character Interview - Die For Me by Amy Plum

Brodie and I had so much fun doing this interview with Amy! As you all should know, Vincent from Die For Me die for? He's French and just about as gorgeous as they come. While he isn't 100% human, he's got a heart of gold and puts everyone's life before his own...literally.

We got to sit him down with us, plus Kate, and talk about everything that is their romance! Warning: French ahead. I take no blame for any accidents that may occur while you're fangirling over Vincent throughout this interview.

If you haven't read the book, you're missing out on one epic romance! Until I Die will be released in May so start prepping for some swooning...

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What were your thoughts when you first saw each other at the cafe?

Kate: I had this weird feeling that I already knew Vincent, although I’m 100% certain I hadn’t seen him before. I’ve felt that way before—just a few times—not just with boys, but with girls too, haven’t you? I makes you wonder if you knew them in a past life. *Sees Vincent roll his eyes.* Come on, Vincent. If revenants are possible, anything is!

Vincent: My thoughts when I saw Kate at the café? Well, I had already seen her around the neighborhood. You know, we follow everyone around—that’s what revenants do. Not in a stalkeresque way. In an “I-wonder-when-I’m-going-to-have-to-save-their-life” way. But at the café it’s the first time I knew that she had spotted me. And I just thought, “Uh oh. Here we go.” I didn’t know what was going to happen, but I knew that something would.

Vincent, if you could whisk Kate away for a romantic night anywhere in Paris, where would you take her?

Vincent: Well, on Kate’s birthday I took her out on the Seine in a rowboat. That was the most romantic evening I could think of at the time, and she seemed to have felt the same. Now, I’d like to find a roof terrace near the Eiffel Tower and take her there for the fireworks on the 14th of July (Bastille Day). There’s always this massive sound and light show that evening, and if we could have a perfect view to ourselves, with a bottle of champagne and a picnic dinner – that would be pretty much perfect.

How will you be spending Valentine’s Day together?

Kate: This year Valentine’s Day is on a school day, so nothing will happen on the day itself.

Vincent: Plug your ears, Kate.

Kate: *lifts eyebrow* *plugs ears*

Vincent: There’ll be flowers waiting outside her apartment door when she leaves for school. And Ambrose and I will be...visiting...her school the night before. Ambrose is good with locks. We’re going to stuff her locker.

Stuff it with what?

Vincent: Books—new novels that I’m sure she hasn’t read yet. I spent hours the other day at the English bookstore and bought about thirty. Oh, and chocolates. Lots of chocolates. Of course.

Kate: May I unplug?

Vincent: Of course, my dear. *winks at us and hugs Kate close, kissing her cheek*

Kate: *tries not to smile but can’t help satisfied grin. Turns to Vincent.* Your turn to plug.

Vincent: You know that Jules is volant and will tell me everything you say.

Kate: He is not.

Vincent: You’re right. He’s not.

Kate: Plug!

Vincent: *plugs ears and looks innocently at ceiling*

Kate: Vincent loves sushi. And one of Georgia’s friends works at a sushi restaurant. So I got my grandparents and Georgia to go out for the evening and leave Vincent and me the apartment. The sushi chef is going to come over and give us a sushi-making lesson. And afterwards we get to eat what we make. I’m kind of hoping the sushi chef will leave at that point. Candlelit homemade sushi dinner. It’s the best I could think of.

Vincent: *unplugs ears and turns to us?* She’s taking me to Italy, right?

Kate, how do you feel about Vincent’s immortality? Have you spoken about your future together?

Kate: Um...*flashes worried look at Vincent* Yeah.

Vincent: *is silent*

Kate: That’s not the best topic to bring up at the moment. We’ve still got some things to work out.

And how do you handle Vincent’s sexy French accent all the time without melting into a puddle of goo? Would you care to demonstrate said accent for us, Vincent? *smiles sweetly*

Vincent: Nothing would make me happier. *turns to Kate* Que puis-je dire, ma chérie, que je ne t’ai pas encore dit? Que je t’adore. Que tu es mon coeur. Que ma vie était fade avant de te connaitre.

Brodie: What did he say?

Kate can’t respond. She has melted into a puddle of goo.

Lisa: It’s a good thing I speak French. He said, “What can I say, darling, that I haven’t already told you? That I adore you. That you are my heart. That my life was colorless before knowing you. *fans self and tries not to gaze longingly at Vincent*

We have a...uh....reader-submitted question... *COUGH* Why would any girl pick Vincent when Jules is clearly the hotter option?

Vincent: Now that is an excellent question. Why would anyone choose me above Jules? They don’t usually, that’s for sure.

Kate: That’s a weird question. There’s not any competition. Vincent and I just clicked. Plus, Jules flirts with EVERYONE. He’s an equal opportunity flirt. It’s not like he’s even interested in me or anything.

Vincent:  *smiles crookedly at us* She doesn’t even see it.

Kate: What don’t I see? *looks back and forth between us and Vincent* What!

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Aren't they adorable? Smoosh-their-cheeks-together kinds of adorable? :) I absolutely love this couple and cannot wait to see them again! May will be here before we know it... And did we all love the pathetic attention-hogging attempt by Jules? *shakes head* Hotter than Vincent... Puh-lease!

I hope you enjoyed the interview! Go to Brodie's blog for a great guest post from Ruth Warburton, author of A Witch In Winter!


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