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Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Valentine's Blog Event: Character Interview & Teaser - Illuminate by Aimee Agresti

First of all, happy Valentine's Day! Whether you've got a nice guy on your arm or plan to chill with the girls today, smile, have fun and be happy! <3 May 2012 be filled with love :)

Today I have a great interview with Haven from Illuminate. I loved this book insanely and can't wait for you all to check it out! It gave me little butterflies and I fell in love with every single character so much like you wouldn't believe! Oh....Lucian...Lance.... *head spins*  MORE! I DEMAND MORE!

After the interview, check out some of the sexy in the teaser! They call it that for a reason... When you've been successfully wooed, you can run over to read the review of Illuminate I posted up earlier today.

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What did you think of Lucian when you first met him?
Lucian. Wow. Well, I pretty much thought this was going to be my most ridiculous crush ever and that he was clearly out of my league. That’s exactly what I told my best friend Dante—even though Dante really hates it when I say stuff like that. He wants me to have more confidence, which is nice, he's a good friend that way.

Was it a shock moving to the big city? How different was it to your old life?
It was a major shock. Chicago is only half an hour or so from home but it was just a whole new world. I knew I was lucky to get this incredible internship at this historic hotel and I had to do it, but at the same time, I was definitely nervous to live on my own there. We had so much more freedom than I ever would have imagined. There seemed to be no rules. We could even go to the club there, we had free rein of the place. It was overwhelming.

What’s your idea of a perfect first date?
I hadn’t actually dated much—or, you know, at all--before this so dinner and a movie would’ve been pretty exciting to me. But I kind of had the most perfect first date ever with Lucian, it was just so…magical. You’ll see. And Valentine’s Day wasn’t bad either, let me tell you!

Can you tell us a little about Lance and your friendship with him?
I didn’t really know Lance at all before we got this internship together. It’s kind of crazy how fast you can get to know someone when you’re thrown together day after day in this strange new place that you’re both trying to figure out. And then I never would’ve guessed how much we would have in common. In some ways he understood me like no one else could.

What did you learn about yourself during the internship?
I learned that I can actually do OK on my own and I’m A LOT tougher than I thought.

You and Lucian had an instant connection. How did you feel when you thought his feelings for you might’ve been fabricated?
It was just so confusing. When you think there are these sparks then find out it may all just be part of some grand plan, you may be someone’s assignment, that hurts.

(Ed. Note: We asked Lucian to comment and he told us, “This is kind of a sore point for me, as Haven knows. I just want to say, I need to say, that however things may have BEGUN between us—and for that I’m endlessly sorry—Haven absolutely knows what she means to me.”)

Would you do anything for love or will your morals always win at the end of the day?
I like to hope that my morals will always win out but when you really fall for someone and fall under their spell it can be a dangerous thing, you have to tell yourself to be strong.

Which of the boys do you think will win over readers more? Lucian or Lance? *whispers* We promise they’re not reading!
That’s a tough one. Lucian is that guy you can’t stop thinking about. And he knows how to win a girl over, he knows what he’s doing and it’s all pretty tough to resist. Trust me. And Lance is that guy you hang out with all the time, who sees you on your good days and your bad days and knows everything about you--and you think you know everything about him but then he can still surprise you every now and then. I think people will be really divided! I predict this debate could set off a war!

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He watched me and seemed distracted for a moment, his eyes painting me, lingering.

Remember what Aurelia and the Prince had said. But I didn’t want to believe them. I wanted to believe that Lucian really could like me, that this wasn’t some strange game that I still didn’t understand. His eyes fixed on mine again. He stepped in closer to me, I could smell that cedar muskiness I’d grown so fond of. I looked away for a moment. He squared himself up, as though on the verge of imparting a vital bit of information.

“Now, did you give some thought to what we talked about last night?” he asked smoothly.

“I was mostly working--the photos, you know--and then I passed out, I was so tired.”

“Think, Haven. There’s so much you can do.”

“I guess I’m not sure exactly what you want from me.”

He leaned in and whispered in my ear, his hot breath sending chills sweeping across my skin, my scars alive and stinging. “Your soul,” he said. “Please give me your soul.”

He kissed me again, quick and soft, right there in the hallway. I was so stunned that I didn’t kiss back.

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Aimee doesn't do the straight edge romance. No...she has tons of twists, dead ends, happy moments and then steam. There is no clear-cut "winner" of Haven's heart. She's undecided. And I think you will be too! I mean...gosh. I can't explain for spoiler reasons but READ THIS BOOK. Not only is the romance amazing but the mysterious, adventure-filled plot. *swoons* 

I need the sequel now. Aimee, I hope you're reading this. *stalks* Thank you for scrambling my brain beyond repair with your annoyingly irresistible boys. *pouts*

Okay, I've talked long enough. Buy Illuminate in March and savour the sexy goodness! Go to Brodie for a Sweet Evil teaser and read all about how Wendy Higgins creates sexual romantic tension. Yes, the teaser is an example. *FLAILS*

This is the first letter of Scavenger Hunt Part 2! Did you complete Part 1? Many delicious prizes to be won!
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