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Monday, February 6, 2012

Valentine's Blog Event: Character IM Chat & Playlist - Spellcaster by Cara Lynn Shultz

I'm not biased or anything but this might be my favourite post of the entire event. I loved Spellbound something fierce and went absolutely insane when the book was put up on Net Galley last year. It was love at first sight. Cara can attest to this since I bombarded her Twitter with love letters immediately after reading it at about 4am. #TrueFax It was normal time there in America so you can safely assume I didn't get any sleep that night with my chatting :P

So now, Spellcaster's come along and made me fall in love all over again. Cara's evil. She created Brendan Salinger who's just too gorgeous for his own good. He needs a warning stamped on his forehead. 
CAUTION: One may experience fainting or steamy delusions after looking down at the beautiful face below.
Hmm, better trek to the hospital if he opens his mouth to speak.

Cara was wonderful and agreed to do an IM chat with Brodie and I. Yes, live with Brendan Salinger himself. *faints* Two hours, wonderfully spent. Enjoy the hot, crazy and funny below. Don't run away until you get to the end. There's a great playlist down the bottom too, especially created for us! By the way, this is an ACTUAL interview. I promise we're not just flirting with him. Really.

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Lisa: Hi Brendan! How are you doing? It's so nice to see you :)
Brendan Salinger: ‪Hey guys, nice to see you too‬
Brodie: ‪So nice to meet you, Brendan! Are you on school break right now?‬
Brendan Salinger: ‪Not anymore, we just got back last week.‬ So now we're getting ready for midterms.
Lisa: ‪Ooooh....back in hell I see!‬
Brodie: ‪Ugh, stressful!‬
Brendan Salinger: ‪You know it.‬ I hate that place.
Lisa: ‪What have you and Emma been doing in your free time?‬
Brendan Salinger: ‪There were a few good concerts, so we went to see shows, saw some movies. Mostly just hung out.‬
Brodie: ‪Aw, sounds like you had a fun time together! ‬<3
Brendan Salinger: ‪She wasn't feeling all that great, she's still not fully healed from everything that happened, so we kept things really low key‬
Lisa: ‪That's sweet of you!‬
Brendan Salinger: ‪So, no tightrope walking or anything.‬
Lisa: *‪snickers‬*
Brodie: ‪Poor Emma! I'm sure you definitely helped cheer her up :) Think you could tell us how you're spending Valentine's Day? ‬*‪grins‬*
Brendan Salinger: ‪I have a few ideas.‬ Maybe you guys can help me out.
Brodie: ‪Oh I bet you do.... ‬*‪winks‬*
Lisa: ‪LOL Brodie. Such a pervert.‬
Brendan Salinger: ‪Heh. Hey now... ‬:D You put your pervy pants on, as Emma says.
Lisa: ‪Don't mind her, Brendan ‬:P
Brodie: *‪snickers‬*‪ I only voiced what we were all thinking ‬:P
Lisa: ‪Hush!‬ I don't think I have any good date, Brodie?
Brodie: ‪I think it's.... safer to hear Brendan's ‬:P
Brendan Salinger: ‪Well, let me tell you what I was thinking‬. ‪Okay, so there's this restaurant that's dark—like, you go into this room and eat your dinner in complete darkness.‬
Lisa: *‪eyes widen‬*
Brodie: *‪is captivated‬*
Brendan Salinger: ‪I think it could be kind of funny. Plus, the food is supposed to be good.‬ So that's one idea because it's so random and weird and I thought it would be different than the usual "dinner and movie" type of thing you know?
Lisa: ‪You could spend the whole date with the wrong person haha! But it sounds very fun though ‬;)
Brendan Salinger: ‪Haha, no I'd know her anywhere.‬
Brodie: ‪That's such a cool idea! Yummy food, even better company and I love the atmosphere‬. Awww <3
Lisa: ‪Do you always try to keep it fun and quirky or do you have a sweet side too? What's the most romantic thing you've ever done? ‬;)
Brendan Salinger: ‪The most romantic thing? Hmm. I honestly don't have that much practice in being romantic. I never really had a serious girlfriend that I wanted to be romantic for.‬
Lisa: ‪Aww, but we see those sweet little moments you share with Emma! ‬:)
Brendan Salinger: ‪I'm always making Emma playlists. Oh, here's something I did.‬
Lisa: ‪She's got you wrapped around her finger!‬
Brodie: ‪I think you just made us melt here anyway. I love that you're serious about Emma!‬
Brendan Salinger: ‪Okay, so I have like a billion iPods.‬ Just from DJing and stuff, I get promo items and I have a bunch, and a lot of family members never know what to get me for Christmas or whatever, so I always end up with iPods. So I donate some, keep some. So I filled one iPod with songs that remind me of Emma and gave it to her.
Lisa: ‪Aww geez. That's so cute!‬
Brendan Salinger: ‪And I did all these different playlists. I called one "Music Education" and filled it up with all these bands that I thought were so obscure. Of course she knew them. ‬:)
Brodie: ‪That is so thoughtful! Do you guys have a couple song on there?‬
Brendan Salinger: We have like a billion couple songs lol.
Lisa: ‪Haha! I'm sure ‬:P
Brendan Salinger: ‪And then there are the songs that remind me of her.‬ Academy Is, I'm Yours Tonight.
Lisa: ‪<3‬
Brendan Salinger: ‪Finch, Stay with Me‬
Lisa: ‪Stop making us swoon, would you?‬
Brendan Salinger: ‪Bunch of old classic songs, like Frank Sinatra.‬
Brodie: ‪You're putting me on a serious music kick. I'm so going to have to check these out later!‬
Brendan Salinger: ‪I'll make you guys a playlist.‬
Brodie: ‪Oooh that'd be awesome!‬
Lisa: ‪We can't wait to see it!‬ Not that you need it but….what's your best pick up line?
Brendan Salinger: ‪LOL!! Or pre-Emma?‬ You're gonna get me into trouble lol.
Lisa: *‪giggles‬* Ooh...
Brodie: ‪Hehehe we promise we won't tell her anything!‬
Brendan Salinger: ‪I don't know that I had pickup lines, to be honest. I never really went out trying to rack up numbers or anything.‬
Lisa: ‪So what? Girls just flocked your way without any encouragement? ‬;)
Brendan Salinger: ‪That makes me sound soooo bad.....‬
Brodie: ‪Haha it's not your fault if you're sexy and charming!‬
Lisa: ‪Chick magnet ‬*‪nods‬*
Brodie: ‪You're a magnet for the ladies ‬;) Speaking of sexy.... we're so curious. Do you have any tattoos?
Brendan Salinger: Emma - ‪Hey guys, I don't know what you're saying to Brendan right now, but he's beet red. ‬I just jumped on because he was like, "OMG I want to die"
Lisa: ‪HA! Nothing Emma. We're being good. Promise!‬
Brodie: ‪Hah! Erm... noooothing. It's all Lisa's fault!‬
Brendan Salinger: ‪hahaha‬
Lisa: ‪HEY!‬ ..that' *huffs*
Brodie: ‪She's totally flirting with him‬
Lisa: ‪She lies.‬ Stop getting me into trouble :P
Brodie: *‪sticks out tongue‬*
Brendan Salinger: ‪LOL. I don't blame you ‬:) ‪Okay Brendan went to get a soda. He just got back. Here he is.‬
Brendan Salinger: Hey guys it's Brendan again.
Lisa: ‪Hey!‬
Brodie: ‪Hope we haven't been embarrassing you, Brendan! ‬;)
Brendan Salinger: ‪LOL it's all good‬
Brodie: ‪So we wondering... any tattoos?‬
Brendan Salinger: ‪Not yet.‬
Lisa: ‪Would you ever get one? What and where? We want to know! ‬;)
Brendan Salinger: ‪Yeah I definitely would.‬
Lisa: ‪Tattoos are hot......‬
Brendan Salinger: ‪Not sure what I want yet, which is why I don't have any. I don't want just some design, you know? I want something that means something.‬
Lisa: ‪I'm sure Emma can help you out with that!‬
Brendan Salinger: ‪Someday I want a full sleeve but I just don't know what I want.‬
Brodie: *‪nods‬*‪ At least you're smart about it, some people get stupid things and regret it 5 years later!‬
Brendan Salinger: ‪Yeah I don't want to do that.‬ But I DO want tattoos. Multiple.
Lisa: ‪We want to see this sleeve when you get it better keep in touch ‬:P
Brendan Salinger: ‪Sure thing‬
Brodie: It's been statistically proven that tattoos increase the sexy factor.‬
Brendan Salinger: ‪So talk about the sexy factor‬. ‪LOL well Emma talks about getting one‬
Lisa: ‪Oh really? LOL‬
Brodie: ‪Ooh, go Emma!!‬ She's badass
Lisa: ‪No hearts or bunnies, right? ‬:P
Brendan Salinger: ‪No. Maybe I'll get a tattoo of a rose with a dagger....nah only playing‬. Emma will get Hello Kitty on her ankle.... ;) LOL
Lisa: ‪That's too adorable haha!!‬
Brendan Salinger: ‪Haha, nah neither one of us will be getting those tattoos any time soon.‬
Brodie: ‪Hahaha love it. What about superpowers? If you could choose one, which would you love to have?‬
Brendan Salinger: Super powers? Hmm.... Flight
Lisa: ‪Ooh, fly me around? ‬:)
Brodie: ‪Oooh excellent choice! Although I'd be totally freaking out flying over the cities ‬*‪FALLS‬*
Brendan Salinger: ‪LOL sure save on airfare‬
Lisa: ‪LOL!‬
Brodie: ‪See? She's a total flirt!‬
Lisa: ‪Oh shut up. That was innocent.‬
Brodie: ‪But I'd totally be lining up for a Brendan flight too hehe‬
Brendan Salinger: ‪I was thinking I could just grab Emma and fly her places‬. That would solve my Valentine's Day dilemma
Lisa: ‪So sweet!‬
Brodie: ‪I'm having Lois and Clark visions here where he flies her across Metropolis‬
Brendan Salinger: ‪LOL except Superman drops Lois at one point, right?‬
Lisa: ‪LOL!‬
Brendan Salinger: ‪Sucker. I wouldn't do that.‬
Lisa: ‪I don't think Emma would like that.‬
Brodie: ‪...... well that ruins my romantic fantasies LOL‬
Brendan Salinger: ‪I won't drop her.‬
Lisa: ‪She is very lucky though :P What's the cutest or funniest thing she's ever done?‬
Brendan Salinger: ‪She's hilarious, she does funny stuff all the time.‬ She's been taking these classes. These kickboxing classes so she keeps pretending to fight me
Lisa: ‪Oh no. ‬*‪sees disaster ahead‬*
Brendan Salinger: ‪Like this little Chuck Norris‬
Brodie: ‪Haha that's cute! Give her time and she might actually be able to kick your ass... watch out!‬
Brendan Salinger: ‪And keeps calling herself Chick Norris‬
Lisa: ‪That's not embarrassing at all LOL.‬ But cute, nevertheless ;)
Brendan Salinger: ‪It's so cute.‬ I do spar with her. I mean I don't hit back obviously. ‪But I let her practice her moves and I just block her‬. I want her to be able to protect herself
Lisa: ‪Very good idea. You won't always be around to be her bodyguard!‬
Brodie: ‪That's smart! A girl who can defend herself is both strong and pretty sexy. So we have the cute-ness factor down... anything about her we'd be shocked to know?‬
Brendan Salinger: ‪Let me think. I don't want to say anything I'll get into trouble for telling...okay here's something. She can sing.‬ Like, REALLY well.
Lisa: ‪No one else knows?‬
Brodie: ‪Oooh, has she sung anything special for you or keeps it to herself?‬
Brendan Salinger: ‪She was in the theater group at her old school but she likes o fly under the radar, well, as much as she can, at Vince A‬. The only people who know are me and Cisco cause we went to this restaurant that had karaoke in the bar area, and she did a song
Lisa: ‪Oh, what'd she sing?‬
Brendan Salinger: ‪She did an old Pat Benatar song, do you guys know who that is?‬
Lisa: *‪shakes head‬*‪ Unfortunately no...‬
Brodie: ‪....... no. I can google and pretend I do, though ‬:)
Brendan Salinger: ‪She was this awesome rock chick from the 80s.‬
Lisa: ‪Ooh rock. Love it ‬;)
Brendan Salinger: ‪Emma sang "Hit Me with Your Best Shot"‬
Brodie: ‪80's rock! Awesome!‬ OH! I have heard of that song!
Lisa: Oh, ‪great pick! ‬I know that one! <3
Brendan Salinger: ‪I DJ'd this Sweet 16 that had an 80s theme‬ so I have so much 80s music. Some of it is awesome. Anyway, Emma sang it and just kicked ass.
Lisa: ‪I bet she did!‬
Brendan Salinger: ‪I did ask her to sing for me once and she did.‬ She has a great voice.
Lisa: ‪Very romantic.‬
Brodie: ‪Aww, that's sweet!‬
Lisa: ‪So we know you're a little fierce.... If you were reborn as an animal, which would it be and why?‬
Brendan Salinger: ‪Hmmm... maybe a bear, because I like to sleep a lot lol.‬ Let me ask Emma, hold on. She has to go home soon cause it's a school night.
Lisa: *‪buries face in pillows‬*‪ That's too cute. Hibernating Brendan!‬
Brodie: ‪Haha that's kind of adorable. And lazy. But adorable ;) Not a grizzly bear though? Rawrrrr, scary!‬
Brendan Salinger: ‪You haven't seen me when someone wakes me up‬. Okay Emma says a lion because I'm protective and she says cute. Guys do not like to be called cute.
Brodie: ‪Ha!‬
Lisa: ‪Definitely cute. Deal with it!‬
Brodie: ‪The lion and the bear. It's a love strong that spans the ages‬
Lisa: ‪‬<3 I'll take you in teddy bear form. I'm sure you're very cuddly
Brodie: ‪Hehe, we're ruining his manhood‬. Sorry, Brendan.
Brendan Salinger: ‪Haha seriously. Teddy bears and stuff. I'm gonna need to go watch Spike TV or something.‬
Lisa: ‪LOL you do that!‬
Brendan Salinger: H‪aha‬. You know, this IM conversation may have solved my Valentine's Day dilemma since Emma likes to sing and she was in the drama club at her old school. Maybe I'll get her tickets to a broadway show. She might like that
Lisa: ‪Aww that sounds great! Really thoughtful ‬:)
Brodie: ‪Oooh that's a great idea!! We so inspired that ‬:D
Lisa: ‪Better tell her!‬
Brendan Salinger: ‪Thanks guys :) I'll tell her she owes you one‬
Brodie: ‪Yeah, that you've been chatting to two gorgeous ladies over her V. Day present.... naw, she won't mind!‬
Lisa: *‪grins‬*
Brendan Salinger: ‪She's not really jealous. I'm lucky.‬ She's not a jealous girlfriend. She gets annoyed at stuff but she's not one of those girls who's always "Who is that girl? Why is she talking to you? Blah bah"
Lisa: ‪Well you guys are a perfect match then! ‬:)
Brendan Salinger: ‪I'm a little more jealous than she is.‬
Brodie: ‪Jealous girls are annoying, you're so lucky to have found her!‬
Lisa: ‪I think that's a usual guy trait!‬
Brodie: ‪Haha true that‬
Brendan Salinger: ‪Yeah probably.‬
Brodie: We want to ask you a few quick "This or That" questions, if that's cool? :)
Lisa: ‪Do you prefer to go out during dates or do you usually keep it low key and stay in? ‬;)
Brendan Salinger: ‪Depends on the mood. Emma was cooped up so much during the break that the last two weeks we've been going out when we can.‬ But it was really nice to just hang out, just the two of us.
Brodie: ‪No matter where you go, i think as long as you're together, it's special ‬:)
Lisa: ‪I'm sure :) You guys seem like the type of couple that doesn't need all the fuss! You're just happy to be together!‬
Brendan Salinger: ‪Sometimes, though, I think of something that I really want to show her‬ a‪nd then I'm all let's go out!! Right now!! Let me show you this place!!‬
Brodie: ‪Haha no doubt she loves your enthusiasm and spontaneous ways!‬ Hmm, so which do you prefer: eyes or lips?
Brendan Salinger: ‪Eyes.‬
Lisa: ‪Car or motorcycle?‬
Brendan Salinger: ‪I don't have a license so might as well say batmobile.‬
Lisa: ‪Sexy.‬
Brodie: ‪HA! I've actually sat in a batmobile once... so cool. Closed-mouth or french kiss *winkwinknudgenudge‬*
Brendan Salinger: ‪LOL! J'aime embrasser fran├žaise.‬
Lisa: ‪Oh man. ‬*‪runs to Google translator‬*‪ Grrr...‬
Brodie: Haha crap, translate it for me too!‬
Lisa: ‪He loves french kissing ‬*‪snorts‬*
Brodie: ‪it sounds sexy whatever it is. French makes EVERYTHING sexy‬
Lisa: ‪Why am I not surprised?‬ *mauls*
Brodie: ‪Hehe‬
Brendan Salinger: ‪Well, if you know what language it is, that answers your question.‬ :D
Brodie: ‪Yes, it's common knowledge I am an idiot ‬
Brendan Salinger: ‪Nah you're not an idiot‬
Lisa: ‪Now, probably the most important question of all..........Brodie or Lisa?‬
Brodie: *‪smug‬*‪ you're too kind‬. THIS IS AN IMPORTANT QUESTION
Lisa: ‪Don't try to swing it, Brodie!‬
Brodie: ‪Answer wisely haha‬ *seductive pose*
Lisa: *‪pushes you over‬*
Brodie: *‪tumbles over* *still manages to wink‬*
Brendan Salinger: *‪waves white flag‬*
Brodie: ‪Okay, we'll behave. Your answer.....? ‬;)
Lisa: ‪Brendan's doing that whole Breaking Dawn "Edward ignores Bella in her lingerie" thing‬
Brodie: Haha damn, he has the self-restraint of a vampire
Brendan Salinger: ‪Haha so not answering this one. I have a girlfriend, so I don't get to pick.‬
Lisa: ‪Or so he'd like us to think‬
Brendan Salinger: ‪No matter how hot you ladies are.‬
Lisa: *‪sighs‬*
Brodie: ‪HE THINKS WE'RE HOT‬. That's answer enough for us :) Okay Brendan! We've stolen enough of your time. But one last quick question? *bats eyelashes*
Brendan Salinger: ‪Sure‬
Lisa: ‪...Why do you think girls love you?‬ Is it the eyes? The hair? Your great DJ-ing skills? ;)
Brendan Salinger: ‪I've never had any girl love me before Emma. I honestly don't know what I did to deserve her.‬
Lisa: *‪melts‬*
Brodie: ‪Aww gosh ‬*‪sigh‬*‪ You totally deserve her, don't question it ‬;)
Brendan Salinger: ‪I don't know, most girls who would talk to me or whatever, I think they saw my family's name, or whatever. But she's the only one who ever saw me.‬
Lisa: ‪I think you're very worthy of her love! You're such a sweet guy.‬ With words like that, I don't know how she could've stay away! You're a big romantic at heart, aren't you? :)
Brodie: ‪Emma's the one who actually looked within.... and found the love of her life. So romantic ‬<3
Brendan Salinger: ‪I'm just glad she didn't. I guess I always wanted to make a real connection with someone, and she's it.‬ I never really thought I was a romantic. I was kind of a dick to be honest. ‪I just want to make her happy. If that makes me a romantic, okay then. I'll be a romantic.‬
Brodie: ‪Yes, that makes you a complete romantic!‬ Girls love that kinda stuff
Brendan Salinger: ‪Shhh don't tell anyone.‬
Lisa: ‪Doubt ever doubt your amazingness ‬;)
Brendan Salinger: ‪It'll ruin my cred lol.‬
Brodie: ‪Our lips are sealed!‬
Lisa: ‪LOL well, Emma's holding it over your head!‬
Brendan Salinger: ‪Yeah she's got a ton of blackmail material on me haha‬
Lisa: ‪Wouldn't we love to know.....‬
Brodie: ‪Buahaha maybe we should be chatting with Emma instead......‬
Lisa: ‪LOL. Next time ‬;) It's been a blast chatting to you Brendan!
Brendan Salinger: ‪Yeah she'd talk to you guys‬
Lisa: ‪Hope we didn't keep you up too late...‬
Brendan Salinger: ‪I'll put in a good word‬
Brodie: ‪Yes, we've had so much fun!‬
Lisa: *‪pumps fist‬*
Brendan Salinger: ‪Nah it's cool. I have to be up finishing a term paper.‬
Lisa: ‪Thanks so much for taking out some of your Emma time for us ‬;)
Brodie: ‪We'll take full responsibility if you get a crappy mark then‬
Brendan Salinger: ‪Haha nah it's an easy class‬. AP French bowchickabowwow
Lisa: *‪giggles‬*‪ Don't even...‬
Brodie: ‪Oh yeah, totally easy class..... just AP FRENCH! PSH.‬
Lisa: ‪I hope your French is better than my Italian ‬;)
Brendan Salinger: ‪Well your Italian is probably a lot better than my Italian‬
Lisa: ‪I know maybe two words of French...‬
Brendan Salinger: ‪I learned French when I was a little kid. My mom insisted. So languages are pretty easy for me.‬ Not trying to brag
Lisa: ‪Good for you! I started young too ;) Think I've got a pretty good grip on things!‬
Brendan Salinger: ‪Yeah it's better if you learn it when you're a kid.‬
Brodie: ‪I can say oui... and charmant.... and j'adore. That's about it haha‬
Lisa: ‪Maybe you can take Emma to France one day‬
Brendan Salinger: ‪Yeah, that would be cool. I REALLY want to take her to Ireland.‬ We both have Irish heritage
Brodie: ‪Oooh Ireland!!‬
Brendan Salinger: A‪nd I went with my family a couple of times and I know she wants to go.‬
Lisa: ‪Ah, very nice! I'll just...pack myself into your suitcase...‬ Well, we're sure you'll have a great time there!
Brodie: ‪Make sure you take lots of photos!‬
Lisa: ‪And don't drink too much :P‬
Brendan Salinger: ‪Yeah, I definitely want to take her someday.‬
Brodie: ‪Ruin all his fun :P‬
Brendan Salinger: ‪hey no drinking age in Ireland ‬:)
Lisa: ‪Exactly! Keep safe ‬;)
Brendan Salinger: ‪Yeah you can walk all over Dublin‬
Brodie: ‪I've never even been outside Australia!‬
Lisa: ‪Shocking, right?‬
Brendan Salinger: ‪I've never been to Australia and want to go.‬
Lisa: ‪You guys are welcome to stay in my spare room haha‬
Brendan Salinger: ‪I have a lot of friends who have never been outside of America. Not all that shocking.‬
Brodie: ‪We'd LOVE to you have visit!‬
Lisa: ‪I'll take you to go ride on the kangaroos ‬;)
Brendan Salinger: ‪YES!‬
Brodie: ‪LOL good luck with that...... kangaroos are SCARY THINGS‬
Lisa: ‪And hug some koalas....‬
Brendan Salinger: ‪Lisa are you in Australia too?‬
Lisa: ‪Yep ‬;) Brodie and I are on opposite sides though!
Brendan Salinger: ‪So you guys have Vegemite?‬
Lisa: ‪Yes...‬
Brodie: ‪Vegemite! Yes!‬
Lisa: *‪cringe‬*
Brodie: ‪Yummy‬
Lisa: ‪I can't take it.‬
Brodie: ‪There's nothing wrong with it!‬
Lisa: ‪Right.‬
Brendan Salinger: ‪What is the US equivalent, you think?‬
Lisa: ‪Dirt?‬
Brendan Salinger: ‪HAHAHA‬
Brodie: LOL
Lisa: ‪Off cheese?‬
Brodie: ‪Hm.... do you have Marmite there?‬
Brendan Salinger: ‪I mean, what is something American that we love that you guys think is weird‬? Don't have Marmite.
Brodie: ‪Okay, maybe that's the UK equivalent‬
Lisa: ‪Hmm..I can't think of anything that you guys have that's so controversial...‬ You guys eat pretty normally, I'd say!
Brendan Salinger: ‪Other than Jersey Shore. Ew.‬ I hate that too
Lisa: ‪Oh yuck.‬
Brendan Salinger: ‪Not everyone in America acts like that.‬
Lisa: ‪I don't get that show. It was on in my hotel room once....never again.‬
Brendan Salinger: ‪My girlfriend is from the Jersey Shore originally and she is the OPPOSITE of that.‬
Brodie: ‪Okay, you may have normal food, but some of your tv is...... questionable!‬
Lisa: ‪I will happily watch Kim K though.‬
Brodie: ‪I'm not a big fan of those reality type shows‬
Brendan Salinger: ‪She looks like a blow up doll to me‬
Lisa: ‪I never used to but...the tv's just on and hey!‬
Brendan Salinger: ‪not my type of girl‬
Brodie: ‪Haha‬
Brendan Salinger: ‪the other sister is prettier.‬
Lisa: ‪I don't really like her as a person but her show is interesting ‬;)
Brendan Salinger: ‪Courtney?‬
Lisa: ‪Yep! And Chloe.‬
Brendan Salinger: ‪Courtney is prettier than Kim. But they're all gross.‬
Lisa: ‪True that!‬ *looks at clock* Bed time yet?
Brendan Salinger: ‪yeah I should probably get back to my term paper‬. This paper isn't going to write itself. No matter how much I hope that happens
Lisa: ‪Good luck with that!‬
Brendan Salinger: ‪thanks‬. Have fun with the vegemite lol
Brodie: ‪Have fun writing it!‬
Lisa: ‪LOL.‬
Brodie: ‪Ha!‬ I actually feel like some now, might have a vegemite sandwich for lunch ;)
Lisa: ‪Don't come near me...‬
Brodie: ‪Nomnomnomn TASTY!‬
Brendan Salinger: ‪I'm going to make a grilled cheese‬
Lisa: ‪Oh I want one....‬
Brodie: ‪I'll have to send a jar over to America for you, Brendan!‬
Brendan Salinger: ‪LOL not if it's dirt!!‬
Lisa: ‪BURN IT‬
Brendan Salinger: ‪I could just go drop some bread on the ground lol‬
Lisa: ‪Emma won't kiss you ever again‬
Brodie: ‪WHATEVER. Don't listen to Lisa!‬ It's just really salty, is all!
Lisa: *‪shakes head‬*‪ Do it for, Emma. AVOID.‬
Brendan Salinger: ‪ahahaah you guys are funny to watch‬. Going back and forth
Lisa: ‪I love you but if you ate Vegemite...I would ‬*‪runs away‬*
Brodie: ‪Only because Lisa is delusional. Can't be helped, I suppose ‬
Brendan Salinger: ‪Vegemite: The Great Divider‬
Lisa: ‪It truly is LOL.‬ Aussies argue about it all the time!
Brendan Salinger: ‪For Americans it depends on the region‬ haha. Like Philadelphia, they argue over the best cheesesteak. NYers argue over pizza. Texas is the best BBQ.
Brodie: ‪Oh I've heard the cheesesteak argument before with friends online‬
Lisa: ‪At least it's all good though. Can't wait to go to America one day!‬
Brendan Salinger: ‪Chicago is Italian sandwiches I think‬. Yeah you gotta let me know when you come. Emma and I can show you around! She can take you shopping though.
Lisa: ‪Definitely! Fun times ‬:)
Brendan Salinger: ‪I'll stay home lol. You can go shopping with her.‬
Brodie: ‪You don't want to join in on the shopping? ‬:P
Lisa: ‪LOL awww, carry our bags like a gentleman!‬
Brodie: ‪Yeah, put those muscles to use!‬
Lisa: ‪Who's the pervert now?‬
Brodie: ‪Never said I wasn't ‬:P
Brendan Salinger: ‪LOL not me!! I'm not following you girls around to dressing rooms, see?‬ NotAPervert. This is a Perv-Free Zone.
Lisa: ‪Awww. What if Emma wants approval?‬
Brodie: ‪You can't deny you'd love to see her in some smexy dresses!‬
Lisa: ‪..or non-dresses..‬
Brodie: Perv-Free-Zone? *pouts* Fun police....
Brendan Salinger: ‪Yeah, that's true. :) Okay maybe a little Perv Zone.‬ haha
Brodie: ‪Hehehe‬
Lisa: ‪Just a little? Pssh. Okay. We won't call you out ‬:P
Brendan Salinger: ‪but I like the way she dresses so whatever's fine with me. She looks really pretty when she dresses up.‬
Brodie: ‪Why must you say all the right things? Sigh.‬
Brendan Salinger: ‪LOL I'm not trying to! Just being honest.‬
Lisa: You're too sweet and swoon-worthy like that.
Brodie: ‪Emma better watch it. When Lisa and I put our heads together... well, if you're kidnapped, blame it on yourself‬
Lisa: ‪See Brodie? Don't you regret not knowing him before?‬
Brodie: I DO regret it!!
Brendan Salinger: ‪This IM conversation is evidence!‬
Lisa: ‪‬ *deletes*
Brendan Salinger: ‪Hahahahaha‬
Brodie: *‪curses under breath‬*‪ DESTROY DESTROY!‬
Brendan Salinger: *‪backs up computer‬*
Brodie: ‪Geez, it's almost like you don't WANT us to kidnap you. Way to hurt our feelings!‬
Lisa: ‪Aww, he's keeping his memories of us!‬ That's what he's doing :)
Brendan Salinger: ‪yup!‬
Brodie: ‪Awwww okay, feelings unhurt‬
Brodie: *‪pinches cheeks‬*
Lisa: *‪hugs‬*
Brodie: *‪kisses‬*‪ oookay, sorry. Got carried away ‬*‪eyes dart around for Emma‬*
Lisa: ‪We will really let you go this time. We promise we won't lure you in with random conversation anymore LOL.‬ *gasp* BRODIE!
Brendan Salinger: ‪LOL it's all good. I should go though.‬ Gotta walk Emma to a cab
Brodie: ‪Haha alrighty. Thanks SO much for sharing your time with us!‬
Brendan Salinger: ‪she's got to get home.‬
Lisa: ‪Sweet. We love you. Thanks for chatting!‬
Brodie: ‪You go be ever the gentleman <333‬
Brendan Salinger: ‪her aunt will KILL me if she's too late‬
Lisa: ‪Can't wait to do it again some time ‬*‪blows kisses‬* Better run then!
Brodie: ‪Well we don't want you dead :S‬ Bye Brendan!
Brendan Salinger: ‪me neither‬
Lisa: ‪Yes, you're too precious!‬
Brendan Salinger: ‪bye guys!!‬
Lisa: ‪Bye, sweets! ‬:)

Non-lame Valentine's Day Songs (a.k.a., Songs You Aren't Embarrassed to Have on Your iPod)

"Love Like Rockets" Angels & Airwaves
"You Should Know" Midtown
"2000 Light Years Away" Green Day
"I'm Yours Tonight" The Academy Is...
"Stay With Me" Finch
"Soul Meets Body" Death Cab For Cutie
"Blue Carolina" Alkaline Trio
"Honestly" Zwan
"Torches" Rise Against
"I'm Lost Without You" Blink-182

Want to check these songs out? Cara's made a playlist on iTunes! Enjoy! :)

~ - ~ - ~ - ~ - ~ - ~ - ~ - ~ - ~ - ~ - ~ - ~ - ~ - ~ - ~ - ~ - ~ - ~ - ~ - ~ - ~ - ~ - ~ - ~ - ~

Apart from the amazing you just saw above, there was maybe half an hour's worth of just talking to Cara. I assure you, we all had tons of fun! We hope you enjoyed reading and a huge thanks to Cara again for participating! <3 She's the sweetest.

If you haven't read Spellbound, SHAME ON YOU. Get to it immediately before I make Emma shoot laser beams out of her eyes at you. Not that she can do that but...that's not the point.

Tell me what your favourite part of the chat was! This took place in the morning so...sorry if anything ridiculous came out of my mouth :P

Brodie's hosting a deleted scene from Embrace by Jessica Shirvington today! Fabulous book. Delicious scene. Love!


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