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Thursday, February 23, 2012

Valentine's Blog Event: Author Interview - Cat Patrick

Today I have the lovely Cat Patrick with me to talk about Forgotten and also the romance in her life! Her second book, Revived, will be released in May and I can't wait to get my hands on it...

Forgotten is filled with sweet romance that'll make your heart melt. I think everyone finished reading that book wondering where they could get themselves a Luke! *sighs* It was just a tad depressing to find out the book would be a stand-alone!

Losing your memories everyday...beating death... Cat sure isn't fresh out of brilliant ideas!

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Luke is one of the sweetest, most beautifully intriguing boys in YA. What do you think makes him so swoon-worthy?
He's sweet and adorable but also imperfect...that's what makes him magnetic to me. Perfection is boring.

You spot the perfect guy walking toward you. You look down at shoes - what are they?
Black Cons.

Do you prefer the happily ever after or tragic love story?
Happily ever after, but with a little drama on the way.

What’s the most romantic thing someone’s ever done for you?
A boy sang "I just called to say I love you" on my answering machine in high school...and we weren't even dating.

If you had to lose all of your memories but one, which would you choose to keep?
Yesterday. I came back from a trip and met my twin daughters and hubby at the airport--lots of hugs and kisses.

Is Luke someone you could fall in love with in real life?
Definitely. I always crush on my main characters' love interests.

Luke and London are the cutest couple ever! What were your thoughts while crafting their romance?
I wanted to make it seem magical, but grounded in reality. I wanted to write the perfect first love...the one that you never forget.  

If you could go on a romantic getaway, what would be your dream location?
I have vampire white skin so I don't love sitting in the sun; my dream vacation is to a city that I can wander and explore. I've always wanted to visit Italy, Ireland, Australia, New Zealand, Spain...the list goes on!

Who do you picture as Luke?
I picture him sort of like a Ryan Eggold-Ryan Gosling mashup (slightly more Eggold), with Jared Leto eyes.

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Have you read Forgotten yet? What are you waiting for? ;)

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