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Thursday, November 24, 2011

Review: Girl Steals Guy

Title: Girl Steals Guy
Author: Kelly Green
Series: Borrowing Abby Grace #2
Publisher: Backlit
Published: October 21st 2011
Source: Author for review

Dropped into the life of a gorgeous senior with a heartbroken best friend, Abby Grace must navigate high school keg parties, football games and power couples as she discovers that love and revenge are sometimes the same thing.

Once again, Green cooks up a story full of fun deception and mystery. Abby has begun to acclimate to her role as a problem-solving Shadow, finding herself in the new body of a high schooler. We begin from where we left off in the first episode and dive headfirst into the melodramatic disasters of two teenage girls.

What can I say? I loved the plot! It's much more involved than the first and we get to see Abby's detective skills, first hand. Breaking into lockers, rummaging through staff desks, decoding messages…Abby's certainly having a grand time! Girl Steals Guy is written very well with a narrator that's pleasant yet quirky. Abby becomes more and more likeable as the series continues, slowly revealing her true personality through these out-of-body experiences.

In this episode we see Abby's compassionate side, brought out by Heather's need for comfort. Her body's best friend is in the middle of a romantic crisis, with her crush getting involved with another girl. I can't say it enough - I never expect these endings! Some plot points are predictable but there's always at least one that comes out of the blue; something you never expect. It's fantastic! The mystery in this episode unfolds at a great pace and isn't carelessly rushed towards the end.

What a joy this was to read. Green never fails to put a smile on my face with her clever adventures! In the future, I'd like to see more explanations about Shadows and Will but until then, the first two episodes have shot the series to a great start.

The third episode will be available on Amazon in December. Keep an eye out for Teacher's Pet!

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