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Friday, November 11, 2011

Author Interview: Jessica Martinez

Today I have the absolute pleasure of sharing my Jessica Martinez interview with you all! She is the author of Virtuosity, which I loved. Be sure to check out my review!
Hi Jessica! Welcome to Read Me Bookmark Me Love Me.
Thank you for having me!

How would you describe Virtuosity in one word?

What was the scariest or hardest thing about writing your first novel?
Taking myself seriously was hard and scary. I know a lot of new writers struggle with self-doubt, and I definitely fell into that category. I remember being really surprised when I realized I was getting close to the end. I don’t think I’d ever fully believed that I was going to finish—that I was capable of writing an entire novel. Aside from my husband, I didn’t tell anyone that I was writing a book until it was finished and I had an agent, and even then it was just a few close friends and family. It took me so long to believe I could actually do it—that I was actually doing it.

I love that you play the violin! Why that instrument? If you had to choose another to have learnt instead, as a child, which would it be?
The violin was chosen for me (thanks, Mom!) when I was three years old, so I don’t really have any memories of life before violin. I play a little viola, piano, and guitar, but the instrument that I wish I could play is the harp.

Were you able to relate to any of Carmen's experiences?
Many of them! I’ve played as a soloist with professional symphonies, I’ve choked in front of an audience, and I’ve had some crazy violin teachers. Some of the other things Carmen went through I witnessed in the Classical music world but did not personally experience, like having a pressuring stage mom and abusing anxiety medication.

What's the message you want readers to take away from Virtuosity?
Be true to yourself in love. Be passionate, but on your own terms. Whether it’s music, or a person, or anything else, love because it’s what you want.

Can you tell us about your upcoming projects?
Sure. My second novel is coming out next fall with Simon Pulse also. The title is still in the works, but it’s about two sisters who tell terrible lies to cover an even more terrible truth. Of course there’s a love story in there too. (I can’t help myself!) And I’m writing my third novel right now which will come out the following year, also with Simon Pulse, but it’s top secret. Meaning too hard for me to describe right now.

Favourite book? At the moment, Stolen by Lucy Christopher (but it changes every other day).

Favourite TV show and movie? TV: Mad Men and 30 Rock. Movie: Jane Eyre and the Borne Trilogy. (How’s that for contradicting?)

Favourite food? Dark chocolate

Guilty pleasure? Reading and/or doing a crossword puzzle in the bath. Oh, and getting a massage, but that one happens a lot less often.

Most embarrassing moment? My first day as a waitress was so humiliating I have to force myself to remember it. It was a pretty nice restaurant and I got totally swamped (“in the weeds” is the restaurant term). Not really knowing what I was doing, and just trying to keep my head above water, I forgot to put an order in. The customer was actually a pretty important person and complained to my manager after he’d been sitting there forever and it came to light that his food wasn’t even on the way. So my manager had to take me aside and ask me what on earth I was doing out there, and even though he tried to be nice about it, I was fighting tears the whole time. Honestly, I’m shuddering just thinking about it—I need to go eat some dark chocolate. Maybe even get a massage. Definitely read a book in the bath.

Thanks for taking to time to chat with me. It's been a pleasure!
You're welcome!

Jessica's so lovely. If you haven't read Virtuosity, do so as soon as you can! I'm really looking forward to reading her next two books. Are you? ;)

Be sure to check out her bio here! She has a "Strange But True" section and it's quite hilarious. After those stories, I just had to ask her about an embarrassing moment! What was your favourite part of this interview?
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