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Sunday, October 30, 2011

Why Do I Fancy Books?

Well, how can you not fancy books?! I'm a YA reader, obviously, but so many sub-genres stem off from that. I'll read just about any YA book because they're all fantastic and can do what? *cups hand to ear* That's right! Transport us to another place with other people who are in the middle of some monumental events in their lives!

Sometimes you'll read something and it'll be just so-so. No big deal. But then you come across amazing books like Shatter Me or Forbidden and they'll blow your mind! They'll have you thinking about them for hours and hours (or….weeks, in my case) and will really stay with you forever.

Words are so powerful. Yes, they're just shapes and sounds, but they can affect us in significant ways and, on a larger scale, change the world and how we view things. Books are absolutely amazing and I don't know where I'd be without them!

Yes, I only became an "avid reader" this year but it's been a magical journey. It feels as if I only began my blog last week but time has seriously flown by, with tons of amazing releases I've had the privilege of reading. YA is at it's prime now and we are super super lucky to be alive for it! <3

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