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Monday, October 31, 2011

The Summer of Supernatural - Harper Collins

What is The Summer of Supernatural, you ask? Well, it's this amazing thing Harper Collins is doing...perhaps similar to the Dark Days of Supernatural? ;)

It all begins November 1st! All day, exclusive content about the latest paranormal releases will be posted on the Summer of Supernatural Facebook page. So go ahead and give it a like! 

From what I hear, we'll have a constant stream of delicious goodies for a few months! Sneak peeks, trailers, cool countdown timers, competitions......they sound good, right?

On November 1st, all of the first titles to be included in this promotion will be revealed! We'll have access to trailers, special author videos, AN AUTHOR CHAT WITH CLAUDIA GRAY! Yes, you saw that correctly. The woman who wrote the amazing Fateful, which I loved! She also writes the Evernight series - something I've yet to read but...I've heard it has many fans... If you're interested, tune in at 1pm Australian EST to ask her all of your questions! 

Very soon, the information will begin pouring in. So again, like the Facebook page and get ready for an amazing summer! <3 You'll definitely want to be the first to see some of these extras ;) Be sure to spread the word too!
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