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Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Becca Fitzpatrick: Silence, Fancy Balls and Facebook!

Hello lovely people! Here's some important Becca news you might be interested in ;)

Her events in Australia will be called The Black Hand Balls. With a name like that, you're in for some fun, right? "Beautiful-winged boys serving mocktails and canapes and dancing the night away...with a special appearance from Patch." Yes please! Becca talks a bit about this in her blog post. Anyways, tickets are now available for purchase through Ticketek! Buy one for yourself, your friends, your boyfriend and parents. Take everyone! The more the merrier! Help spread the word so that these events will be as big and fun as possible.

Simon & Schuster have a new website just for Silence! Make your way to I Love Patch to get excerpts, downloads, book info, etc. Interested in the ball? On the website you'll be able to find all the info you need for the events in Sydney, Brisbane and Melbourne, including Ticketek links. Gosh, does it not sound amazing?! Look at all the goodies you get! *squeals* Being in Perth, I'm unable to attend but the lovely Caroline from S&S has offered me a signed copy of Silence in compensation <3 Still, those venues look gorgeous....and I'm sure the waiters will be too ;) Jealous!

Simon & Schuster also have a Facebook page, just for teen books! You'll get covers, excerpts, fun quizzes, announcements, etc. so make your way over and like the page! It's called Read Me, Love Me, Share Me (gee...doesn't that sound familiar? *hee*) and you can already take a quiz to find your perfect "book life"! More is to come so keep those eyes peeled!

So.......who's going to see the hot waiters Becca? :)
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