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Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Just Curious (4) - Graphic Novels

 Just because I am honestly curious. No schedules. No plans. Just random questions that I'll ask every so often when I feel like it.

It seems like graphic novels are all that these days! Twilight, Vampire Academy, Hush Hush...they've all been translated from words to images. So, what do we think?

  • We love to play around with more because we don't want our loves to end! I'll miss the characters after the final novel is released!
  • It's like a movie. We see our favourite scenes played out for us, without the hassle of reading through all of the words. It's a new, fun and enjoyable experience!
  • Perhaps we'll gain a new perspective on a certain topic? I can't imagine things will be exactly the same. It'll be as if a whole new version of the novel is written! (ie. more new content!)
  • The characterisation might suffer. With the lack of many words to narrate and get into the characters' heads...things could get a bit tricky!
  • The change in plot/scenes would work out as a negative too. You know when you're favourite book is made into a movie and the scenes are all...wrong? They take out some important things....put in some new... Maybe not for the better!
  • These aren't going to be encyclopedia-thick. If one novel = one graphic....we could see some serious condensation. If one novel = 10 volumes....that doesn't work out either! I hate it when scenes go missing or are dragged out too long!
  • Maybe the images of the characters aren't to your liking? If they look terrible then that might affect the way you see them in your head!I know this is true if you watch movies before reading the books!

It's probably important to mention that I have never read a graphic novel before. Have you? What did you think? Are these pros/cons correct? Are there any others? I'm really curious to see if graphic novels have the ability to be as gripping as novels. I find it hard to imagine getting lost in images!

So, the Hush Hush Graphic Novel is out October 18th! I'm very excited to see this because...angels....heck yes. Looking at the cover... *blinks* Is that..Patch? Where did he go and why is a scary body builder in this place? Or more importantly...why aren't his wings nice and fluffy? *pouts* I kid, I kid. We know he's a badass angel who doesn't do fluffy. *sigh* Think he'll look like this in the actual novel?
If you want to win an AMAZING prize (ie. APPEAR in the next graphic novel as a character plus be held in Patch's strong arms in your own customised poster) then check out THIS CONTEST!
Comic Book Resources also has a brilliant interview with Becca! Lots of delicious information that every fan should know! Read more HERE!

CBR News: Becca, tell us about "Hush, Hush" as a graphic novel. What's in, what's out and what's new?
Becca Fitzpatrick: The first "Hush, Hush" graphic novel will cover one third of the "Hush, Hush" novel. Sea Lion Books [publisher] are determined to make it as close to the novel as possible. The big surprise with the graphic novel will be the original bonus story. It reveals what happens to Patch and Nora between "Hush, Hush" and the sequel, "Crescendo."

The Vampire Academy Graphic Novel was released on August 23rd. Looking at the cover now......I'm not too impressed! The characters look nothing like I imagined. I'm sure lots of you have read this (being fans of the novels) so how was it? How did it compare with the novels? Would it have been enjoyable without reading the novels previously? Not sure when I'll pick this up, or if I will at all, so it'll be good to get some feedback :)

Sea Lion Books is also publishing the Dark Swan series by Richelle Mead. I loved Richelle's other adult series (Georgina Kincaid) and think this one looks even better! I cannot wait to read the novels and in turn, these graphics. What do you think is better? Reading the novel first or second? And, if the novel has adult content *wink wink* how is this done? Are these scenes left out? Blurred? Put in? Do graphic novels usually have a rating or any censorship? I'll be getting this series to review when I have time but until then, perhaps click on the thumbnails to check out the first 6 pages ;) P.S. Aren't the facial expressions in the 3rd image and the dialogue in the 2nd hilarious?

That's my little piece for today! I look forward to hearing all of your thoughts! Many many questions scattered throughout the whole post. Feel free to talk about whatever you like LOL.
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