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Saturday, August 20, 2011

850 Follower Giveaway Winners

Thank you guys so much! I went past the 1000 follower mark during this celebration and I've only you guys to thank <3 Even though the giveaway is over, I sincerely hope I'll see you all some time again in the future! Leave me love in the comments whenever you feel like, and know that I read every single one and do my best to respond ;) I appreciate every single one of you and will call you all back again when another milestone or anniversary is hit!

The randomly chosen winner of a May - July release book is....

With a great name like that you're sure to win ;) There are a few Lisa's who entered so...if that's your name, check your inbox and junk mail! If you've got an email from me then congratulations ;)

As you know, part two of my giveaway depended on your good answering skills. I asked, "If you could be a female book character, who would it be and why?" You guys were amazing and provided me with a good two to three hours of entertainment. The horrible fun part was choosing the winner for the next hour. After narrowing it down to twenty, I finally got it down to three, which was not easy! I asked for something that would make me laugh and smile, and those twenty certainly delivered. I put the three entries into and viola! We have a winner.

Honourable mentions go to: 
Debora Benaim
There were no wonderfully constructed paragraphs here. Just pure fangirling and friendly jealousy of great female characters ;)

Which means, the winner of an August - October release is...

Tell me this didn't make you laugh. I dare you.
I’m a perv. Jus’sayin’!
Okay so if I were FEMALE and I wanted to be a FEMALE character...I would be, oh! it’s so hard to choose. There are so many beauties out there.
Hold on! I have an answer.
Alright I will be CALLA! Just because I want to know what it feels like to be a slut (according to the Wolfsbane cover and the fact that she gets horny with both Ren and Shay multiple times throughout Nightshade).
So yes, I’ll be Calla. Why? I just gave you my reason and I hope that’s legitimate. Calla is also independent and she doesn’t let “her heart be dictated by her pride” LOL.
*applauds* Thank you for becoming a female for five minutes, Braiden. I'm sure Calla feels honoured! Being called a slut made her day.

Thank you and good day, everyone! :D I'll see you soon! Congratulations to the winners (and entrants!) for their hard work :)
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