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Saturday, July 30, 2011

Review: A Need So Beautiful

Title: A Need So Beautiful
Author: Suzanne Young
Series: A Need So Beautiful #1
Publisher: Harper Teen
Published: June 21st 2011
Source: Harper Collins Australia

We all want to be remembered. Charlotte's destiny is to be Forgotten...
Charlotte’s best friend thinks Charlotte might be psychic. Her boyfriend thinks she’s cheating on him. But Charlotte knows what’s really wrong: She is one of the Forgotten, a kind of angel on earth, who feels the Need—a powerful, uncontrollable draw to help someone, usually a stranger.
But Charlotte never wanted this responsibility. What she wants is to help her best friend, whose life is spiraling out of control. She wants to lie in her boyfriend's arms forever. But as the Need grows stronger, it begins to take a dangerous toll on Charlotte. And who she was, is, and will become--her mark on this earth, her very existence--is in jeopardy of disappearing completely.
Charlotte will be forced to choose: Should she embrace her fate as a Forgotten, a fate that promises to rip her from the lives of those she loves forever? Or is she willing to fight against her destiny--no matter how dark the consequences.

A Need So Beautiful was absolutely amazing. I devoured it in under 3 hours before begging for the sequel. Charlotte is your typical high school student. She's got a cool best friend, a slightly crazy family and a doting boyfriend. But...did I mention that she's constantly forced to unfamiliar places, forced to help unfamiliar people? If she ignores the Need, Charlotte feels intense physical pain but with every helped stranger, her body continues to wear away. How long before she is gone completely? The Need is calling her more and more often, which means that her time is running out.

The strong point of this novel is the characters. I enjoyed exploring every relationship and watching the effects Charlotte's dilemma had on each. Sarah is the yin to Charlotte's yang and they've been friends since they were kids. Sarah is gorgeous, yet she has a difficult time finding the perfect boy who meets all of her standards. Logan and Charlotte have been in a long-term relationship for a while now and are very comfortable as friends and as lovers. What I loved was that they were in a sweet and strong relationship. This is the first book I've read where the main character is already in a relationship and stays in it. The development was fantastic and just as good as a newly blossoming love.

Charlotte is adopted by a woman named Mercy, who has also adopted other kids. She has no recollection of her parents, or any of her previous life, really. When her skin begins to wear and fall off, revealing a golden interior, Charlotte is frightened and doesn't know who she can turn to. There's a mysterious woman, claiming to know how to save her life, and an old friend, who she has trusted dearly for many years. When they begin pulling her in two different directions, Charlotte finds herself needing to make a decision between life or death. For spoilers sake, I can't say more, but it will all blow your mind. I promise.

A Need So Beautiful ends on a shocking cliffhanger, after we just learn an unexpected and vital piece of information. Must we wait another full year for more? This novel was an exciting start to what will be a brilliant series. I look forward to learning more about Charlotte and seeing how she overcomes the obstacles which will be thrown her way! If it's in your TBR pile, grab it now. If you don't own it, buy it. Shoo!

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