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Sunday, July 31, 2011

Just Curious (3) - Love Triangles

So we recently touched up on love interests who were the stereotypical good and bad. It's quite logical to talk about love triangles, right? They're in a million YA books - some of them successful, some not so much. Some of my favourites include Unearthly and Clockwork Angel.

There's all types of love triangles. I think all of the ones mentioned below are effective if done well. They can create another dimension to the main relationship or create tension and suspense with two equal male leads.
You don't know who she'll end up with and you like both: Clockwork Angel
You don't know who she'll end up with and you only like one/neither/are not sure:  Nightshade
You know who she'll end up with but you can love the other: Vampire Academy
You know who she'll end up with the and other guy isn't an option: The Hunger Games

So why must almost every author try this? Is the appeal so large? Are normal, simple relationships not entertaining anymore? Must we have two guys fighting over us? What does this say about us?! *laughs* This isn't to say that I don't enjoy them because I do. When an author is able to do the things mentioned above, it is magnificent and helps the novel become an easy favourite. You know you've struck gold when you're genuinely torn between the two guys! More than half the time, though, love triangles come off as a cheap plot device that you wish had just been left out! I'm sick of them! We're positioned to favour one guy and the other is just a stupid disturbance or distraction!

What do you think of love triangles? Do you immediately avoid them when you see the blurb or are you a sucker for those tough decisions? Who are your favourite love triangle couples? Which type (above) do you enjoy the most?

A Few Random Thoughts From Above (What about you?)
Nightshade: Ren, you badass! How sweet are you? Confessing your feelings! :) Shay, why are you such a tool? Stop being nice and do something, for once! [Think she will end up with Shay]

Unearthly: I can't choose. Don't make me! *sob* I won't!! Both guys are perfect for her! [Think she will end up with Tucker]

Clockwork Angel: NO! Don't you dare make Tessa decide! The other boy will be left so heartbroken! If she chooses Will, sweet sweet Jem will probably die from heartbreak. If she chooses Jem, Will might get angry/depressed and jump off a bridge. Do you want that on your conscience, Tess? Do you?! [Think she will end up with Will]

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