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Thursday, July 21, 2011

Just Curious (2) - Good Guys vs. Bad Boys

 Just because I honestly am curious. No schedules. Just random questions that I'll ask every so often when I feel like it.
We've all seen them, We've fallen for them. We've hated them. Almost always there's a good and/or bad boy, don't you think? And sometimes it seems as if they're all the same...

Good Guy: 
Romantic, smart, creatively talented, intelligent, sweet and perfect in almost every way.
"I'm yours forever."
...Edward Cullen [Twilight]...Sam Roth [Shiver]...
Bad Boy:
Charming, illegally sexy, dangerous, darkly caring, sweet to just that one girl and ass-y to everyone else.
"I'm dangerous. You should stay away from me. But I don't want you to."
...Patch Cipriano [Hush Hush]...Vincent Delacroix [Die For Me]... 

In paranormal novels there's never really an in-between. The guy is either godly and perfect or dangerous and naughty. Sometimes you'll be lucky and get both! Oh, how is our poor heroine supposed to choose? *faints* What a difficult life, she has! Are these stereotypes so alluring that they must be repeated over and over again? Is there no other option?

Sometimes the author is successful in creating an angelic or devlish love interest...and sometimes it all flops over like a pile of cold pancakes. No bashing is intended but here's an example - Henry from The Goddess Test. For someone who's meant to overlook business in Hell...he's not very "bad". Mr Hades seemed more like a little kitten - adorable when provoked. Now, Sam from Shiver? Successfully "good" without it being overkill. This boy can cuddle me and recite poetry any time! Any time. Especially that first part.

It's a tough balance, really. Too nice and the guy can be boring. Too bad and you feel like running away from the long blur of "NO, I'M TOO DANGEROUS." "NO, I LOVE YOU!" "NO, I'M TOO DANGEROUS!!!" Of course, there are then those authors that take it to the extremes and somehow still make the guys completely loveable and boyfriend-material.

Seriously, I'm on no side here. Let's make that clear! I love my good and bad guys equally ;) Who are the best and worst good/bad boys you've seen? Do you usually prefer one type over another or do your opinions change with every book, depending on how they've have been written? Do you want to be swept off your feet by the sweet soul mate or the sexy, free spirit that'll let you experience things you never dreamed of?

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