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Sunday, July 17, 2011

Author Interview: Kim Harrington

Today I've got the lovely Kim Harrington on my blog for a short interview. Immediately after finishing Clarity, I knew I had to have a few words with her. Check out my 5 star review of Clarity if you haven't already!

Kim Harrington lives in Massachusetts with her husband and son. When not writing, she's most likely reading, watching one of her favorite TV shows, or fantasizing about her next vacation. She has no psychic powers and is cool with that.

Can you tell us three things about yourself that not many people know?
Hmm…I nearly died when I was five. I was a DJ for my college radio station. I am the pickiest eater in the world.

In 100 words or less, why should people read Clarity?
Oh, I’m so bad at this! Um…because it’s fun and fast paced and has a mix of mystery, romance, and paranormal. And because Lisa liked it! ;)

What was your inspiration for Clarity?
The characters were the main inspiration. The first thing that came to me was one line (the last line of chapter two). I thought about this “family of freaks” and spent a lot of time developing their gifts and personalities. Next I worked on the setting—their tourist beach town. Then I came up with the plot, basically by torturing these characters I love so much!

If you could have a unique name, what would it be?
Queen Kimidala. (I’m a Star Wars fan.)

You are born into a family with supernatural talents. What is yours?
I would love to be able to manipulate time. Fast forward when I’m impatient. And slow down when there’s something I want to appreciate.

Which male character in Clarity is your favourite? (Heehee, can you choose?)
I definitely have a favorite! But I can’t tell you who it is. ;)

Perfect writing environment? My living room with the house absolutely quiet.
Day or night? Day. My brain is mush by night.
Favourite TV show? They all end! Lost was my favorite for years. Then it was Friday Night Lights and that just ended as well.
Favourite movie? This is going to sound strange but…it’s Poltergeist. It’s the perfect horror film. A classic.
Favourite food? Pizza!
Guilty pleasure? Celebrity gossip. :)

Thanks so much for taking the time out of your busy schedule to answer my questions!
Thanks for having me!

*sighs* Oh isn't she a darling? And a massive massive tease? Tell me you didn't giggle once or twice whilst reading this! Absolutely cannot wait for more of Kim's books! Count down time......

Find Kim on Twitter, Goodreads, Facebook and her blog.

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