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Monday, June 20, 2011

Review: True Intentions + Kindle Giveaway

Author: Lisa Kuehne
Series: True Intention #1
Publisher: Noble Gateway Romance
Published: February 14th 2011
Source: Author

While living in Chicago, sixteen year old Ava O’Brian’s life was completely ordinary. An accident changes everything and the sequential move to Lake Arrowhead, California uncovers a dark secret and marks her for death by the most powerful immortal in existence, Satan. Ava finds herself falling for the one boy at her new school she shouldn't, Samuel Perry--her alluring, mysterious classmate, and definitely her biggest temptation. As the layers of betrayal begin to unfold, Ava must uncover everyone's true intentions in order to stay alive. The truth forces her to face the ultimate decision; What cost is she willing to pay for love? Who knew falling for the wrong guy could be so deadly?

When Ava O'Brian moves to California with her mother, never did she expect her life to be changed so drastically. During her first day at Rim of the World High School, Ava is stunned by the gorgeous Samuel Perry in her English class. Little does she know, Sam is very different from any boy she's ever met. He's dark and frightening, yet she can't help but fall under his spell. Quickly, she falls in love and together the two embark on a dangerous journey to keep her alive.

The idea of Satan having loyal followers that are on earth to encourage sin was fascinating. I love that Lisa put a spin on the usual "bad boy" that we see in young adult fiction but I wish he had continued to stay that way for longer! For the most part in the beginning, Sam and Ava dance around each other, fighting their fear of the other for two completely different reasons. Sam, mysterious and constantly angry, is curious about her but continues to push her away because he does not want to hurt her. When the two fall in love - quickly, might I add - Sam loses this touch of dangerous which is such a shame!

I do worry a little about what message this novel is sending to young readers. Ava is only sixteen and trustingly going to secluded places with guys she barely knows? Seems a bit dodgy to me! Her head-over-heels-in-love demeanor is at times irritating but luckily her character is quite hilarious and endearing. She's got the snark of a typical teenager which was nice to see!

The novel switches points of view, going from first person (Ava) to third person (everyone else). At first, I found Sam's narration to be a bit detached and strange as it was in the present tense. This problem later disappeared once the exposition ended and the plot came into play. Though I found Ava to be too accepting of Sam and blinded by his seeming perfection, I enjoyed the way their relationship developed. While not completely realistic, it was entertaining!

True Intentions is something I'd recommend to those who are looking for something a little new and unique. Sam's an alluring character, sexy with a dash of evil and playfulness. Who knows? Maybe you'll decide that you want to cross over to the darkside… ;)
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