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Friday, June 10, 2011

Review: Supernova

Title: Supernova
Author: C.L. Parker
Series: Supernova Saga #1
Publisher: The Writer's Coffee Shop
Published: May 26th 2011
Source: Publisher/Tour 

Somewhere between the first twinkling of stars in the night sky and the break of dawn, two souls from two unique worlds collide, creating an everlasting supernova. Kerrigan Cruz and Dominic Grayson are among the chosen few who have the gift - or the curse - of being able to walk between two worlds. It is on the cusp of where these beings meet that everything changes, and life as they know it is turned upside down. Fantasy becomes reality, and what shouldn’t be is. Forced by destiny, their chance encounter is breathed to life by the one thing that can make even the most impossible of impossibilities a reality - something so complex in nature, yet as simple as a flicker of thought to exercise. Most normal people go about their everyday lives never even suspecting its existence. But it is out there…it is the Light. The universe has granted the power of the Light to a chosen bloodline charged with the responsibility of protecting our right to choose our destiny. But in the shadows, darkness wreaks havoc in the lives of the unsuspecting. Yes, another world does exist, and it holds secrets beyond what the most vivid imagination can comprehend.

I had the pleasure of reading the first chapter of Supernova before I was sent the entire book and I absolutely loved that we were able to jump into the action immediately. The story begins with Kerrigan having a dream of herself as a young child, watching her Grammie, Availia, be attacked by vicious ravens. It's shown here that Kerrigan has some sort of ability linked to the Light and no further elaboration about this is made. The cryptic and eerie dream compels you to want more as Kerrigan wakes up to reality as a woman in her mid-twenties.

On her journey to discover herself, Kerrigan finds herself living at her, now deceased, Grammie's house with a certain Dominic Grayson, a mysteriously sexy man who knows a surprising amount about herself and her grandmother. He seems to be keeping secrets but she can't help but be drawn towards him. Throughout the novel we are rewarded with witty banter and sexual tension between the two, both ultimately leading up to a carefully guarded but present relationship. I enjoyed the way their relationship developed as their love grew little by little and realistically. Both characters are quite likeable, Kerrigan being a feisty vixen and Dominic being alluring with his looks and dark background. Kerrigan's best friend, Gabe, is gay and he's quite the character! At times he was a little too flamboyant for my liking but otherwise, he was thoroughly entertaining. There are several minor characters in the novel that I wish we could've gotten to know better, so I'm looking forward to these characters being built on in the sequel!

The novel explores Kerrigan's life as she struggles to make sense of her relationship with Dominic and her power. We later learn that someone dangerous is after Dominic and Kerrigan must learn to harness her power in order to save him. The middle section of the novel moves a little slowly, though still interesting. The one problem I had with this novel in the first half was that everything was loosely tied together and seemed to occur spontaneously. I'm not sure whether I was just having an off day, but I enjoyed the second half much more. The characters become three-dimensional, relationships are explained and more solid, the writing matures and the plot thickens. Everything seems to finally come together and make sense, the climax of the novel quickly approaching. The suspense builds and we're met with exciting action as the protagonist reveals themselves.

Supernova ends, leaving us with many questions and a great cliffhanger to start the sequel with. The conclusion is very satisfying and I look forward to reading more of this series. I'm hoping to see the Light explored more, as it wasn't predominant and explored enough in my opinion, as well as Dominic's history. Overall, this was an great debut novel by C.L. Parker. The romance is sure to get your blood pumping!

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