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Saturday, May 7, 2011

Review: Solid

Title: Solid
Author: Shelley Workinger
Series: Solid #1
Publisher: CreateSpace
Published: July 9th 2010
Source: Author

Clio Kaid may be 17 and just beginning the last summer before her senior year, but her life is anything but typical. She's just discovered she was genetically altered before birth and is now headed to a top-secret Army campus to explore the surprising results of the experiment. Follow Clio and the other teens as they develop fantastic super-abilities, forge new friendships, find love, and uncover a conspiracy along the way.

As soon as I read the summary for Solid, I was fascinated. High school is already filled with ridiculously crazy drama. Add in superpowers and what do you get? A novel that's got great potential. I personally loved the whole idea of it, as it is so unique and fascinating. While in actuality not a whole lot happens in the novel, the way things are written and fold out are so interesting that you don't really notice at all!

The characters in this novel are all quite loveable. At the compound, Clio finds herself befriending a few of the other kids, who later aid her in her investigation. There's Garrett (flirty and smooth), Bliss (sweet and quirky), Jack (cute and smart) and Miranda (beautiful and vain). Bliss and Miranda share Clio's gift and Garrett is a super athlete, while Jack has no apparent specialisation. Each character brings something to the table and together they add the fun and adventurous side to Solid. Clio's eventual relationship with Jack is very sweet. Even though their infatuation and love for each other seems sudden and out of nowhere, it is not an issue for long as you'll soon be Team Jackio!

There are several mysteries that we are riddled with. Is Miranda a friend or foe? What's the deal with Clio's power? Why are these kids really at this compound? What secrets are the workers keeping? What is Jack's power? The novel is quite short so you'll fly through the pages. The climax comes and goes quickly, so the action occurs in a short time frame. I enjoyed the surprising climax very much, but just wish that it could have lasted longer and been more spread out throughout the novel, rather than being addressed and solved in just the final parts.

I think many questions that were raised are still not completely answered, so I'll be eagerly awaiting the sequel, Settling, which will be released later on this year. Keep your eyes open! This series looks promising and like it will just be getting better and better!


A big thank you to Shelley for sending this novel to me. Very much looking forward to reading more of her work!
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