Readers: February 27th: Apologies for the scattered posting that's about to come during the next week or so. University has just started and I have a lot of work to do to get on top of things (and ahead!). Thanks for your patience, as always.

Publishers: I promise I'm not abandoning the lovely review copies you've sent!
I'm getting through them and the reviews will come eventually!

Sunday, March 13, 2011


So...I can't believe i'm doing this, starting a blog. Bear with me people. I don't have a ton of spare time but i'll do my best to keep up! I've always wanted a blog but felt that I wouldn't have enough time to make it great and that no one would follow (I'm boring, ya know). I got bullied into this, just FYI, but i'll make the most of it.

First off, i'll post reviews on books that I've already reviewed on Goodreads. After that, new reviews! ;) Some books (the ones I'm reviewing first) are from early to mid 2010 but i'm rewriting most of those reviews since they're shorter than the reviews I write now. I repeat, bear with me.

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