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Friday, January 18, 2013

Review: A Want So Wicked by Suzanne Young

Title: A Want So Wicked
Author: Suzanne Young
Series: A Need So Beautiful #2
Publisher: Harper Collins Australia
Published: July 7th 2012
Source: Publisher for review

Elise is a normal seventeen-year-old girl until the day she wakes up in a desert park, with no idea who she is. After that episode, her life takes a bizarre turn. She’s experiencing unexpected flashes of insight into people’s lives—people she’s never met before. Strangers frighten her with warnings about the approaching Shadows. And although Elise has never had a boyfriend, she suddenly finds herself torn between two handsome but very different young men: Abe, the charming bad boy whose effect on her both seduces and frightens her, and the mysterious Harlin, who’s new to town but with whom Elise feels an urgent, elemental connection—almost as if they are soul mates. Now Elise begins to question everything about her life. Why do these guys both want her so desperately? What are the Shadows? Why does the name Charlotte inspire a terrifying familiarity? And who is Elise, really?

Elise Landon doesn't recognise the blue-eyed blond she sees in the mirror. Of course, this is all just a dream...until she finds an angel figurine under her pillow, one that we know belongs to Charlotte Cassidy. From A Need So Beautiful, we're familiar with Young's world in regards to the Forgotten, Shadows and Seers but A Want So Wicked still manages to be full of suspense, as we're eagerly waiting for Elise to find all of the pieces of the puzzle. Although this novel was darker and delved deeper into the characters and plot, I still found myself preferring the first. It had something extra special but A Want So Wicked is truly no less addictive.

Elise's family is a real highlight of this novel. Although they're worlds away from each other in terms of personality, they're a tight knit unit and full of love - her father's "little tribe", as he calls it. Lucy is Elise's older rebel sister who is constantly getting into all sorts of unknown trouble, sometimes with Elise's help. Her dad is a protective pastor who reinforces an 11pm curfew, but can talk boys with his girls and is all around very hip. He's level-headed and a great supporter of his daughters, but also shows his vulnerable side when he questions himself as a single dad after losing his wife to cancer ten years ago. I cherished all of the father-daughter moments. They were perfectly sweet and balanced out the dark supernatural elements of the novel wonderfully.

Elise is an easily likeable character. She's the good girl who had lots of friends in school and is kind to everyone, especially so now with her Need kicking in. Not only does she feel compelled to help strangers after seeing their lives play out like a movie in her mind, she sees memories of her past life as Charlotte and visions of Onika's life. Her discovery of her destiny was even better than Charlotte's, but only because it was two-tiered. She's (unknowingly) learning things for the second time and things are a lot more complicated and mysterious this time around. She must also race against the clock as Shadows begin chasing after her Light.

Now, her two love interests, Abe and Harlin… What can I say? Everyone fell in love with Harlin in A Need So Beautiful, the man who was so devoted and in love with our beautiful Charlotte but had to let her go for the greater good. Initially, he was heartbroken and vulnerable, still damaged from his loss 9 months prior. In this second book, he's drawn to Elise (no surprise there!) but fights his feelings because he's still in love with Charlotte. He swore that he would find her again, but what he doesn't know is that he already has.  His relationship with Elise was exciting and reminiscent of the effortless ease he shared with Charlotte, and once again, he'll make you giggle, swoon and fall in love ALL OVER AGAIN. Their flirty banter with her shy innocence was just perfect. Abe, on the other hand… *SMACK* While he was gorgeous and charming to begin with, you just knew he'd be bad news later on... He showed glimpses of his dark side quite often, something Elise only picks up subconsciously, but we were forced to wait for the big reveal… Torture, I tell you!

I really enjoyed the ending of this novel. It kept us tense and waiting until the very end, some things expected and others not. It wrapped up this series in a very satisfying way, although it was open-ended and definitely allowed room for another book, which I would be happy to receive! We follow a little bit of everyone's story in A Want So Wicked and everyone gets their conclusion, no matter how open, so I'm left feeling happy yet sad that it's all over. This was a great series by Young, and I'm looking forward to more from her in the future!

What did you think of this sequel? Do you think there'll be a third book? I've seen Suzanne talk about her ideas but I'd love it if Harper Collins really gave the green light!

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