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Saturday, February 11, 2012

Valentine's Blog Event: Character Interview - Hunting Lila by Sarah Alderson

Yes, it's here. Another dose of Sarah Alderson. Did you miss her Fated character interview? What about her Hunting Lila deleted scene

 I'm here today with a character interview from Hunting Lila! As soon as you meet Alex and Lila in the book, you'll fall in love. After melting into a little puddle and slowly reforming yourself again...Sarah will crawl her way into your favourite's pile and stake her claim at the top! 

Losing Lila will be released later this year and I'm itching to get my hands on it. Maybe if I stalk Simon & Schuster they'll send out review copies extra extra early?

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Love is...
Lila: Acceptance
Alex: Uncontrollable

Your first kiss...
Lila: Proper kiss? Where I was consenting you mean? A boy called Jude in the back row of the Ritzy cinema in Brixton. It tasted of popcorn. He wasn't Alex so it wasn't that great.
Alex: A gentleman never talks. I won't say who it was with but I was thirteen and there was a spinning bottle in the equation.

First girlfriend/boyfriend...
Lila: I guess it would be Alex, if you could call this dating. Dates don't usually involve gangsters, being chased across the rooftops of Mexico City and self-defense lessons with bullets and fast moving vehicles...but hey, it works for me.
Alex: I had a few dates in High School but nothing that serious. At College, before Jack and I signed up, I dated someone for a few months. We broke up when I left and joined the Unit. Which was probably a good thing in retrospect.

First thought when you saw each other in California most recently:
Lila: Wow.
Alex: I'm in trouble. Followed quickly by a reminder to self that went something like; 'she's JACK'S SISTER.'

What made you fall for each other?
Lila: I think that's well documented. But the moment for me was when I was five - he rescued me when I broke my leg sledging. Jack pushed me into a tree. Alex picked me up, wrapped me in his jacket and towed me back.
Alex: I've known her pretty much my whole life but it wasn't until she came back this last time that I fell for her. Other than the fact she's beautiful, I think it was because I saw that underneath this seemingly fragile exterior lies a girl who's unbreakable and who doesn't take anything lying down. She's probably the toughest, most resilient person I know. She's been through all this bad stuff, that would have destroyed anyone else, but rather than let it beat her she's stood up and fought back.

First kiss with each other, describe:
Lila: Electric.
Alex: Beautiful.

Best & Worst trait:
Lila: His inscrutability. It makes it impossible to ever know what he's thinking. That's his worst trait. His best? Hmmm, his calmness under pressure. And his ability to always find the way out in every impossible predicament we find ourselves in.
Alex: Her dry sense of humour I'd say and her single-mindedness, her worst trait is that she's incredibly impulsive. She acts first and thinks later. One of these days I'm worried it's going to get her killed.

Moment you knew you were in love:
Lila: Can you know you're in love when you're five? I definitely loved Alex then but I think I only fully understood what being in love really felt like when Alex told me that he and Jack were searching for my mother's killers, because that was the moment I understood I might lose him. Love opens up a whole new world of fear that never existed before.
Alex: When she fell down the stairs and I caught her. I knew it instantly - in that moment. I kept trying to ignore it though, tried tell myself to back off and forget it - that she was Jack's sister and I shouldn't be looking at her that way or considering her that way. I guess the first time I actually acknowledged how I felt truly, was when she walked into the restaurant on my birthday. I realised then that I just wanted to spend the night with her - not with Jack and Sara, not with the men from the Unit at Belushi's. I wanted it to be just the two of us. She looked amazing - she was all I could look at - and all I could think about and I was still trying to fight it. That was the night everything happened. She left Belushi's without saying a word. I noticed straightaway that she was gone and followed her back to Jack's. And, well, you know the rest...

Best feature:
Evie: I have to narrow it down to one thing? Can there be a shortlist? Because I want to say his eyes but that doesn't seem fair to the rest of him. Special mentions to his arms and er, his front half.
Alex: Her smile. It's disarming.

If you weren't busy running from the Unit what would you be doing?
Lila: I have no idea. It would be fun to just be able to hang out and relax, go on a proper date and do something normal for a change. Dinner and a movie. A bike ride to a deserted beach.
Alex: I'd be back at college. But if it was the weekend I'd take Lila out sailing or up to a cabin in the woods somewhere romantic. It'd be nice to lie out under the stars, build a fire, swim, talk...

Which side of the bed?
Lila: He always sleeps closest to the door. If the bed is facing the door head on, he sleeps on my right so he can reach his gun quicker.
Alex: Just as Lila says.

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This interview doesn't even begin to explain the level of awesome Alex and Lila possess. I feel like I'm saying it over and over, so I hope you're listening. READ SARAH'S BOOKS NOW.

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