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Sunday, February 12, 2012

Team Aiden vs. Team Seth - Half Blood by Jennifer L. Armentrout

Jennifer's fans are insanely passionate for a very, very good reason. Her characters. Whether you're cheering on her heroines or drooling over her lusty boys, her books will make a mess out of your mind. Just like this debate.

Seth or Aiden? Aiden or Seth? Super tough decision. While Alex is 100% interested in Aiden in Half Blood...Seth's always hanging around, making a nuisance of himself with his endless flirting. Some of you would have fallen in love with him right then and there. Others would've been Team Aiden all the way!

For me?
Half Blood: Team Aiden (Seth was still awesome!)
Pure: Team Seth
That's right.
Well, I mean... Okay, no. I'm still undecided. For multiple insanely frustrating reasons which you'll discover in the second book. After Pure, there are hundreds of things you have to take into consideration when making the decision. Just kill me now!

Cast your vote in the poll below and defend your team in the comments to earn entries for the giveaway!
Represented by: Stephanie from Steph Likes Books


Aiden has an amazing personality! He is very caring, kind and protective. He is strong, loyal and a bit of a bad boy. He offered to teach Alex even when he didn’t have to which shows he likes to put in the effort. He’s also very smart and sarcastic and also very patient.

“Aiden was silent for so long, I thought he’d left the room, but then I felt his hand on my shoulder.”

“He actually laughed louder then. It was deep and rich. Nice.”

“You had this reputation for being so kickass. Even though you were still in school, everyone could tell you were going to be an awesome Sentinel.”

“If you’re able to talk while working out then you’re not working hard enough.”

“You’ve got to trust that I would care if you were hurt.”


Aiden has the whole tall, dark, handsome thing going on, which is totally crush-worthy! You should definitely vote for Aiden, he has the whole package. What’s not to like?!

He has silvery grey coloured eyes, muscular jaw, tall and full lips.

“In front of me, he walked right through the flames, looking every bit like a daimon hunter should. The fire did not singe his pants nor dirty his shirt. Not a single dark hair was touched by the blaze. Those cool storm-cloud-coloured eyes fixed on me.”

“He wore the same style of workout pants I’d stolen from the supply closet, but where I wore a modest white shirt, he had on a tank. And boy, did he have arms to show off.”

“He brushed a lock of dark hair off his forehead and flashed that lopsided smile. ‘I remember you.’”


He is super good at fighting, which means he’d be able to protect you if any of those daimons come after you..

“Aiden moved in with one swipe of his hand. I knocked his arm away, and then the other. It wasn’t his jabs or punches I had a problem with. It was his kicks -he spun around so fast.”

Special Attributes:

Being a pure makes Aiden special, he’s stronger than others and has some gifts.

“He muttered a compulsion, fast and low, too quick for me to make out the words.”

He enjoys reading “Greek Fables and Legends.”

Of course he has many more, these are just a few ;)

What makes this guy better than his competitor?

Aiden has the whole package!
He’s stong and caring, loyal and trustworthy.
He totally understands Alex and takes the time to listen to her feelings.
He wants to protect Alex and would do anything to do it.
He respects half-bloods and cares for his brother.
He’s also very very very hot ;) haha.

What are you watiting for? Go and show your support and vote for Aiden now! :)

Represented by: Precious from Fragments of Life

SPOILER WARNING from Lisa: If you haven't read Half Blood (pfft, of course you have!) there might be a slight spoiler here. It's in the synopsis of Pure though, so nothing dangerous... We get a bit technical here too but don't worry about it! You don't need to know what a Solaris or Apollyon is. Just get the gist of why Seth's perfect for Alex!

When I first read Half-Blood, I wanted Aiden for Alex. But when I met Seth…I started to change my mind and yes, I eventually changed my mind.

Before I start, this is what Seth looks like:

He was tall – maybe even as tall as Aiden, but I couldn’t be sure. His blond hair was pulled back in a small ponytail, showing off his impossibly perfect features and golden complexion. He wore all black, like the Sentinels did. Under a different circumstance – one in which I didn’t actually realize what he was – I would’ve said he was smoking hot. -Alex

Number 1: Seth is fated to be drawn to Alex.

The longer we are around each other, the more connected we will become – to the point that neither one of us will really know where the other begins and the other ends. – Seth to Alex

I’m a fate-following kind of girl. According to the history of Half-Blood, a long time ago two Apollyons existed at the same time. They were drawn together in strong, complicated and mind-blowing ways. In Alex and Seth’s generation, they might just be the two Apollyons. The two could already feel the zing, the electricity and the power connecting them. It was too overwhelming to ignore and too powerful to escape. It was fated to happen. The Oracle has never been wrong.

Fate is a really strong force. It can be fought, it can be resisted and yes, it can be ignored. But no one can ever escape fate.

Number 2: Seth is connected to Alex in a way that Aiden can never be.

Being around you is already affecting me. I can tap into akasha easily, sensing when you’re hurt, and even now, I can feel it…It’s the power in you – the aether. It calls to me, and you haven’t even Awakened yet. What do you think it’s going to be like when you do? – Seth to Alex

Alex almost died in Half-Blood. If it wasn’t for Seth, she wouldn’t even be herself in the first place. She’d be gone. Now, Seth wouldn’t even be able to get to Alex in time if he wasn’t connected with her. But the thing was that he was connected her in a way that Aiden can never be. Seth woke up from his dream and felt the pain that Alex felt. He felt every tag as if he was the one being drained. The two shared this undeniable connection. It will only get stronger as the days pass.

Number 3: Seth is fun, rebellious and he’s a Half-Blood.

This is one of the lines in Book 1 that I liked:

Whatever. Screw the Council. I’m the Apollyon. What the hell can Lucian do to me? – Seth to Alex

He is perfect for Alex because they both want to have fun and they both have rebellious streaks.

Meanwhile Aiden's restricted by who he is. Mostly because he's a Pure Blood and we all know he can't ever fraternize with Alex, unless he wants to break the rules. Which of course he won't do because he's a warrior, and it's been one of the driving force of his life to be what he is. It's too precious for him to let it go, and well, he's not going to be the only one in trouble if he did something rash with Alex.

Seth, on the other hand, is the Apollyon. He's also a half-blood, which makes it a little bit better if he's with Alex. The only reason they can't is because Alex MIGHT be Solaris. In my opinion that angle gives them more of a 'starcrossed lovers' potential, since we both know what the gods will do if they were ever together. It's going to be a lot more difficult for them to take that path should they choose it.

Number 4: Seth, the badboy.

Seth has this dangerous badboy vibe going on. Who doesn't like a bad boy? Seth is excruciating and arrogant and reckless and I think that just adds to his appeal. As an Apollyon he is powerful, and the knowledge that he is more powerful than most people makes him weary of them, but in my opinion that just adds to the mysterious, dangerous aura he's projecting. Girls won't be able to resist that "Powerful and Dangerous" combination? He stays away, and a puzzle like him is a lot more attractive, don't you think? 

It doesn't hurt that he's blond and he has the most amazing kind of eyes in the world. Once you get close to him, you'll feel safe. It's like he's the type who'll protect you to the end.

Number 5: Seth has the love-hate attitude.

Did you see the way he acts with Alex? That love-hate attitude drives the readers on edge. It's like he's repulsed by her and yet he couldn't stay away. He has that cocky attitude towards her ALL THE TIME. Plus he seem to have that bashful, playful attitude with Alex. Like the sarcasm and the angry retorts they have are just a front for whatever it is they are feeling for each other. It's like he transforms into a totally different person when he's with her. Maybe Alex unleashes the boy Seth has to be. Being the Apollyon isn't easy and because of the responsibilities he has as one might have given him a harsher look at life or made him rough and Alex manages to bring out feelings and thoughts he hadn't felt before. Sparks literally flies whenever they're together.
That was awesome, right? I really don't know how to choose!! Both guys are perfect for Alex for so many reasons. What do you guys think? Did Seth completely change in your eyes after you read Pure, too? ;)

Cast your vote below, enter the giveaway form and then battle it out in the comments! After filling in the form (you must fill it in once for every debate you want entries counted for - total 16) each comment you make will earn you entries!

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