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Saturday, January 7, 2012

SIGN UP: UPDATED Love Triangle Debate Form - February Valentine's Event!

Firstly, thanks to everyone who’s already signed up to participate in the Love Triangle Debates for our February Valentine’s Event! We’ve sent out emails to you all so please read those! They contain some general rules, your team and the date which we need your posts back by. We can’t wait to read your convincing arguments! :D

Now we’re calling on the rest of you... we still have a number of fantastic and VERY popular guys who are in need of a heroic girl to defend their honour! Please check out the UPDATED FORM below and submit your choices so we can match you up ASAP! Please try to be open to as many of them as possible :)


If you're curious...guys like Dimitri are still up for grabs.......

Thanks for your participation!
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