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Monday, January 2, 2012

Sign Up Now: February Valentine's Event!

The month of love is nearly upon us and with the amount of swoony romances dominating the YA scene, there is no way we could let February go without recognising the couples that set our hearts on fire! Brodie from Eleusinian Mysteries and I have teamed up to bring you a Valentine's Day celebration of epic proportion. We know you love your romance, so brace yourselves for a month packed full of the sexiest guys and steamiest couples in YA!

Along with authors sharing some of their hottest exclusive content, your favourite couples will stop by and might reveal some naughty secrets about one another... You'll be given the opportunity to face off in heated debates to determine the reigning guy in your favourite love triangle (it may get feisty!) and you’ll be able to vote for the guy you think makes the Best Boyfriend....EVER. Have you ever wanted an unbiased opinion of who your best-suited YA guy is? Make sure you check out our quiz, where we’ll help match-make you to your ideal boyfriend!

BUT WAIT.... (yes, literally wait, we’re not finished, you can't faint on us yet!) - THERE'S MORE! What event would be complete without drool-worthy giveaways? We have tons of incredible books, ARCs and swag up for grabs thanks to the most amazing authors and publishers!! By commenting throughout the event, spreading the word and participating in our Love Triangle Debates, Best Boyfriend Battles, Boyfriend Quiz, Scavenger Hunts and other fun giveaways, you’ll have the opportunity to win some seriously hot prizes. Stay tuned for more info!

Things won't be kicking off until February, but sign-ups for Love Triangle Debates and nominations for our Best Boyfriend Battle begin now. Read on below if you're interested in participating!
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Best Boyfriend Battles
Mirror, Mirror on the wall, who is the best boyfriend of all?

Our Best Boyfriend Battle pits boy against boy against boy in a fierce war to determine just who is the most loved YA guy of all. This is the guy you want to leap from the pages and be YOUR boyfriend, who will whisper sweet nothings in your ear, curve his warm lips around yours and take you on a whirlwind romance that your heart will never recover from.

Is it the Winter Prince Ash, whose icy gaze sends shivers down your spine? Or the charming, messy-haired St. Clair, who you dream will teach you how he wraps his British tongue around those French words? Whatever your preference, this is the time to make sure your favourite guy doesn't miss out in the final battle.

Since this is just the nomination round, you can suggest as many guys as you want. Pick those that make you swoon the most and come February, the guys with the highest number of nominations will face off against one another to determined who is the Best Boyfriend of them all...

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Love Triangle Debates

What fires you up better than a heated debate with one of those crazy girls who chooses the other guy? You're Team Will and she's Team Jem. Your pulse races at the mention of sexy Alpha wolf Ren, but she’s batting eyelashes over how adorable Shay is. Well, here's your chance to prove her wrong and show us that YOUR guy is the one our favourite heroine should live happily ever after with.

We're looking for readers willing to stand up and write a post defending their preferred guy in a love triangle. Why does he consume your heart? What sets him apart from the other guy? Why is he most suited for the girl? You can also share some of his most memorable moments or quotes, but most of all - be convincing! Not only are hearts at stake here, dear readers, but pride too.

We know you’re all very defensive about your teams but how’s this for incentive?

We’ll giving away two fantastic prize packs, and more may be added later! One randomly chosen writer will win a prize pack filled with delicious ARCs, finished copies and swag you’ll definitely want to get your hands on. Another lucky voter will also get to dip into our bag of goodies, but more information on the prizes will come later! If you’re interested in participating in this event...

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Wrap Up To This Super Long Post

If you’ve read this far, thank you! We’re so happy that you’re interested in this event because so many good things are coming next month! We already have over 30 authors confirmed for this event but more are still replying!

If you’re curious......... a few participating authors are:
Jennifer L. Armentrout
Julie Kagawa
Maria V. Snyder
Veronica Rossi
Sarah Alderson
Amy Plum
Kim Harrington
Marissa Meyer
… and many more!!!

We will be getting deleted scenes, early teasers, characters interviews, author interviews, guest posts, and MORE. Remember, this is a LOVE event so all of these features will be LOVE-THEMED. Yes, that means sexy deleted scenes. Romantic teasers. Couple character interviews..... You get the picture.

As for all of the giveaway material, emails are coming in by the day. We don’t have a solid list of prizes yet but...things are looking good and we can’t wait to make up the prize packs! ;) Again, everything you need to know will come early February or be given to you throughout this event! So make sure to follow both of our blogs to make sure you don’t miss a thing!

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