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Friday, April 8, 2011

Follow Friday: 8/4/11

Happy Friday, everyone! Autumn has FINALLY started in Australia (yes, a month late). Guess it's time for me to pull out the jackets, huh? No Book Blogger Friday from me today! It's postponed until...much later so I'll be standing back this week. Anyways...

Follow Friday is a weekly event where every Friday/Thursday, we all get together and say HI! Each week has a different feature from the book blogging community. Check out the question, blog about it, meet new friends and have fun!
This week's featured blogger is Leslie at My Keeper Shelf!

Q. Do you judge a book by it's cover? 

Yes I do! Well, sort of. My first impression of a book obviously comes from its cover. If I'm browsing shelves or looking through an online list, I'll most likely pass right by the book without a second glance if its cover isn't good! But if I do happen to read the summary, I'll give it a chance!Not every book I read has to have an absolutely gorgeous and eye-catching cover's always nice to see. My final opinion is based on the book itself so if I like it, I'll buy the darn thing, cherish and read it ten times over even if the cover is hideous!
What about you? Do you read summaries for all books or are you only attracted to the ones with nice covers? 

Just on a side note, I'm really loving the Hex Hall series! Review for the first should be up very soon and we'll see how quickly I can finish Demonglass!
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